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The doctor named one of the main causes of varicose veins

Those who hide their legs under a long skirt or trousers because swollen veins look frankly terrifying should know that varicose veins can lead to sad consequences. Swelling of the legs, pain, fatigue. Often, problems with veins end in surgery. To avoid bleak prospects, it is necessary to treat the disease in the early stages or to prevent its occurrence. And to get rid of the disease, you need to get rid of the causes that cause it.

Kinesiologist Anastasia Shagarova said that varicose veins are most often the result of a violation of the symmetry of the body. The specialist explained that our body is like a scale. In a healthy and balanced state, blood circulation works evenly, all internal organs and limbs receive a sufficient amount of blood, which provides them with oxygen and nutrients.

Specialist opinion: causes of varicose veins

As soon as there is a distortion of the body, harmony is disturbed. Part of the body and all internal organs that are higher are supplied with blood worse. The part of the body that has shifted down, on the contrary, receives an excess amount of blood. Since it cannot circulate normally, stagnation occurs. If the walls of the vessels are weakened, the veins swell and the patient is diagnosed with the same varicose veins.

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Diseases causing body distortion

Scoliosis. Curvature of the spine invariably entails a shift in the symmetry of the body and internal organs.

Flat feet. Violation of the shape of the foot sooner or later leads to displacement of the pelvic bones. This is followed by circulatory disorders, adhesions and incorrect blood circulation.

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Weak pelvic muscles. A weakened muscle corset leads to the same sad result – displacement of bones and a violation of symmetry.

The doctor named one of the main causes of varicose veins

Varicose veins on the legs are a consequence of internal problems

Dr. Shagarova also warned that on the legs, varicose veins appear at the very last turn, when the situation is quite neglected. Before it manifests itself externally, the disease has developed internally.

The presence of stagnation of blood circulation in the internal organs is said: constipation, anal fissures, rectal hernia, bowel dysfunction. That is why the prevention of varicose veins is important.

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To cure the disease or alleviate the patient’s condition, you should get rid of scoliosis, flat feet and work to strengthen the muscle corset. The same problems need to be paid attention to for the prevention of varicose veins. Fortunately, all of these diseases are successfully treated with the help of exercise complexes and special techniques. Published by

Author Anastasia Shagarova

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