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The main factors for choosing a roof color

We will find out what the main factors can influence the choice of roof color for a private house.

Roofs made of corrugated board, ondulin or other reliable and modern materials cannot be perceived simply as a protective flooring. Their aesthetic component in shaping the appearance of the building cannot be overlooked either. Therefore, the question of choosing the color of such a coating requires an attentive and even subtle approach.

Roof color

  • The main factors for choosing a roof color
  • The nuances of colors in roofing materials
  • Suitable combination with facade shade
  • Contrasting solutions or the influence of nuance
  • Feng Shui Roof Shades
  • Color symbols according to feng shui requirements
  • Roof shades from the point of view of psychology

The main factors for choosing a roof color

When considering a suitable option for yourself, you should not neglect the harmony with the surrounding landscape. Roofing should not be discordant in the context of a garden or landscape created from near-house plants. If the issue of coloring is resolved in favor of a suitable color, then this can be understood by the emphasized attractive features of the architectural style, the high heat-saving properties of the roof color and the natural regulation of the degree of insolation. Roofing colors are so important that they can be used to “adjust” the visual compactness or massiveness of the house.

The nuances of colors in roofing materials

The ability to absorb heat. It is common knowledge that dark colors help surfaces store heat more efficiently, while light colors reflect. When choosing a suitable roof, it is worth remembering this, and for a house located in southern latitudes, choose light shades. They will not allow excess heat to accumulate, and the house will not overheat in the scorching sun. In the cold northern parts of the country, it is recommended to install a dark roof: in winter, it will save energy used to heat the room. Snow will also melt faster on it.

  • Unity of style. The color of the wall decoration should not enter into an unpleasant visual dissonance with the shade of the roof. It is also advisable to choose a color that echoes the shade of the cornice, basement or other important facade elements.
  • Emphasis on form. Thanks to well-chosen color solutions of the roof, it is possible to hide façade flaws and even “correct” visual irregularities.
  • Effect on volume. The pastel shades of the roofing materials add volume to the building. Dark and deep will help to reduce its visual appearance.
  • The degree of color fading. Ultraviolet light has a stronger effect on dark and saturated colors than light colors. As a result, it turns out that they are more prone to fading.

The main factors for choosing a roof color

Suitable combination with facade shade

In the process of creating a facade, color solutions are often used that resonate with the natural environment: grass, sky, brown, beige. They can be easily combined even with each other, offering many options for creating a high-quality color scheme for the roof. The most attractive and common color tandems are: beige or light yellow façade with brown roofing, blue or gray finish with green roofing.

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Cool shades of white and deep gray are achromatic colors, on the basis of which you can create any color combination with roofing materials. There is also a popular classic solution: white walls with terracotta roofs.

Contrasting solutions or the influence of nuance

Choosing the right harmony for a shade in a home is always based on contrasting or nuanced features.

Color solutions based on contrasts imply the solution of different shades and saturation levels that are opposite to each other. For example: a combination of pale blue and anthracite, light chocolate and rich burgundy, pastel green and deep coffee. A bold and effective solution is a pastel-colored facade along with a roof created from ondulin of different colors. These multi-colored sheets are arranged in the shape of the cells of the checkerboard, randomly or along a diagonal line.

The nuanced selection of the color of the roof implies a smooth transition from the shade of the facade to the shade of the flooring. The options (roof and facade) are considered classic: terracotta with light brown, yellow with vanilla, aqua and classic blue.

The main factors for choosing a roof color

Feng Shui Roof Shades

If you follow feng shui, choosing the right palette for decorating a building contributes to the prosperity of residents. According to recognized experts from this teaching, the roof of the house is a kind of dome directed upwards. It protects from negativity and brings good luck, so the shape of the roof is important in this teaching. For example, undulating roofs attract bad luck, while convex, spherical and pyramid-shaped roofs attract well-being.

Color symbols according to feng shui requirements

  • All shades of brown are a symbol of stability.
  • Red is an elevated mood, a symbol of happiness in life.
  • Blue is a shade that symbolically argues with the sky and for this reason is undesirable for roofing.
  • Green is a symbol of harmony with nature and a guarantee of constant good vitality.
  • Yellow – family improvement and prosperity.
  • Black is not the best solution for a roof because it blocks the unhindered circulation of energy through the roof.
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What else do people who are familiar with this teaching advise? Thanks to the intensity of the color scheme, each person has a tool to regulate energy flows, some of which pass through the roof.

Roof shades from the point of view of psychology

When choosing a suitable color, a person is concerned, for the most part, only with his own emotions and sensations. He creates comfort around him, and the chosen colors reflect the views on life, the experience gained in life and a number of other factors that are decisive in determining the color scheme of the facade with the roof.

It is also necessary to take into account the European system of interpreting shades and colors:

  • Heavenly and dark blue – safety along with a conservative outlook on life.
  • Orange – comfort, warmth, balance.
  • Red is a symbol of aggressive superiority.
  • Green is a symbol of nature and abundance.
  • Yellow – a benevolent and optimistic disposition towards people.
  • Gray – conservative traditions, a symbol of stability.
  • Black is a symbol of prestige.

The shade of the roof also depends on what material is chosen for use, because natural color solutions are preferable for bitumen and ceramic tiles. It is made in terracotta shades. For ondulin, the typical solutions are: brown, herbal, black and burgundy. A common trait for roofing manufacturers is the fact that they do not use too bright colors when creating materials, so you can safely choose the right option from the classic tones. published by econet.ru

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