The meaning of gray in human psychology. Shades of gray

What do we know about gray? Psychologists all over the world say that this is one of the most underrated shades of the entire color range. For some reason, it is considered to be a symbol of mediocrity, longing and boredom. And not everyone knows that until the beginning of the 19th century, representatives of the nobility preferred to wear clothes of gray shades, while brighter colors were considered vulgar. This color can be obtained by mixing three bright colors: red, green and blue. It is on which of these three colors dominates that the shade of gray depends, which differs from others in its saturation. Today we propose to talk about the psychological meaning of this tone, about what it symbolizes in clothes, in the interior and human psychology!

All shades and tones

The most popular dark shades of gray include charcoal, stone and monsoon, which is gray with a slight bluish tinge. There is a shade that was named after the English painter Gainsborough. This color scheme is a delicate gray, reminiscent of gray hair. It should be noted that it was Gainsborough that for several centuries was considered a symbol of noble origin. There is also French gray, a color vaguely reminiscent of the monsoon, but lighter. Silver is named after the metal and is similar to a shade called zircon, which is clarified silver. But what does gray mean and symbolize?

In esotericism

Esotericists agree that gray is a direct reference to Saturn, the god of time, aging and maturity. That is why, they argue, the so-called “party of grays” appeared in Germany, the main goal of which is to defend the interests of pensioners. In turn, astrologers are accustomed to seeing Saturn as a fair judge. It is believed that through difficult trials, both physical and moral, he cleans people from mental dirt and overwhelming burden. Therefore, the meaning of gray in esotericism is restraint, striving for the spiritual world, justice. By the way, in many religious traditions it is customary for monks to wear robes of exactly gray shades.

Gray means power

You’ve probably heard the expression “gray eminence”. So it is customary to call a person who has hidden power. So, during the reign of one of the French kings, power, according to the majority, belonged to the famous Cardinal Richelieu. But only a select few guessed that Richelieu himself was only a puppet controlled by a more powerful figure – the monk Joseph. The gray cassock of the monk was the reason that he received the nickname Gray Cardinal.

the symbolic meaning of gray

Negative values

Speaking about the meaning of gray, one cannot but mention its negative sides. For example, one of these definitions is dullness, a person’s unwillingness to stand out from the crowd, banal boredom. By the way, you probably know that those people who merge with others, without even trying to reveal their individuality, are usually called gray mice. Often this color symbolizes a certain primitiveness, a special, low origin. By the way, in the Russian Empire it was customary to call a man from the class of commoners a gray peasant.

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Physiological influence

Speaking about the significance of gray in physiology, experts on paranormal phenomena note that it is capable of having an inhibitory effect on the human nervous system, as well as on any physiological processes occurring in the body. Gray like a sponge is capable of absorbing any kind of excitement. That is why it is so good for meditation during hot weather, for inflammation, depression and stress. It is believed that it is this shade that allows you to cope with various infections, has the ability to reduce pressure.

Another important point: any shades of gray help a person to focus, make a decision. But it is important to remember that gray will be beneficial if a person uses it in small quantities. An excess of it can even provoke a depressive state, and a calming effect can turn into a depressing one!

Psychological impact

Many books and articles have been written about the meaning of color in human psychology. So, white symbolizes dedication and unity, black speaks of creation and motivated use of force, red means leadership, dynamism, struggle for one’s rights and incredible perseverance. The meaning of yellow is freedom, joy, honesty and originality, while orange speaks of inexhaustible energy and inner strength. But what is the psychological meaning of gray? Experts say: this is calmness, poise and pragmatism. Gray allows you to deal with strong emotions, both negative and positive. After all, not only great grief, but also great joy often knocks out of a rut. Along with the fact that it soothes the senses, gray enhances intellectual activity. It allows a person not to be led by their own emotions, but to look at the problem from the outside. That is why gray is so useful to use during exams or serious work negotiations.

which means and symbolizes gray

According to psychologists, gray is able to increase self-confidence and self-confidence in a person. They say: in clothes of this color, a person seems to be protected from any negative influences, other people’s demands and even manipulations. This is a kind of shield that can repel any psychological attacks. The symbolic meaning of gray in psychology is independence, getting rid of addictions. At the same time, it is extremely important to understand that the shade is useful only for those people who are mature and responsible individuals. If a person is not confident in himself, is prone to depressive moods, the gray will only worsen the situation, causing hypochondria, regrets about the past, melancholy.

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Gray in clothes

The psychology of color tells us: gray, like white or black, is considered a universal color. Therefore, it can be freely combined with any colors and shades, even the brightest. At the same time, it is important to understand that gray, unlike black, does not age women. It is also ideal for the warm season.

gray color in clothes psychology

True, for some reason, many try to avoid this color, most likely because of not very pleasant associations with the expression “gray mouse”. However, in no case should we forget that with skillful use, any shade of gray can emphasize individuality. So, instead of the classic dark shade, you can choose a light one, with a slight sheen. For example, zircon or gainsborough. Owners of light skin and light hair are perfect for such a shade as monsoon, and rich graphite shades will give special charm to dark-skinned brunettes or brown-haired women.

Speaking about clothing, psychologists notice that the meaning of gray is severity, seriousness, and some isolation. A person in such clothes looks more mature than he really is.

Gray in the interior

The versatility of color allows it to be used to decorate offices and business premises. Psychologists note that gray is able to stimulate mental work, and therefore its shades can be found in companies whose activities are related to information technology. Because different shades of gray can soothe different emotions, they are common in hospitals. You can even find a use for it in your home interior. Most often, designers use it when decorating high-tech rooms. A cool metallic sheen like silver or zircon works best for these interiors. But in a nursery or bedroom, it is better not to use this color as the main one, you can simply complement other shades with it.

gray psychological value

Application in advertising

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of light gray in advertising. It is very often used to demonstrate any information products or technologies. Silver has long been associated with advanced technology and scientific progress. This is probably why Apple chose a silver shade of gray for its logo. Its light shade emphasizes the elitism of the product, the absence of any need to promote the product, because its name can speak for itself. Gray color in advertising is, of course, a symbol of product quality, reliability of the company that made it. Please note: a huge number of logos of large car companies are made in this tone!

light gray value

Influence on character: what are people who love gray tones

How can you characterize a person who loves gray shades, prefers them? He can be compared to a gray cardinal. This person may at first glance seem inconspicuous and even weak, but in fact it is just a mask with which he protects himself from the world around him. In fact, the inner strength of this personality is incredibly great, but at the same time such a person is devoid of ambition, he does not need universal recognition, he does not want to prove anything to anyone. The value of dark gray in psychology can be described as loneliness. That is, people who prefer dark tones of this color are, by their very nature, real loners, possessing a surprisingly rich inner world that can completely replace communication. The main drawback of such people can be called their distrust, they are looking for a catch everywhere and everywhere, it is difficult for them to believe that someone in this world is capable of sincere feelings, kindness and love. And, although they have tremendous potential, inner strength and endurance, lovers of gray do not seek to realize themselves in real life, they are often prone to depression, have a very withdrawn character.

dark gray value

Rejection of gray

We figured out the lovers of this color. But what about those who just don’t accept any shade of gray? Psychologists say: these are people who hate routine. They vitally need a stream of fresh emotions, without which they will feel depressed. These people are easy-going, able to quickly make acquaintances with new people. Punctuality is not familiar to them, and following the schedule is more like hard labor. These people are spontaneous, and therefore they choose creative professions for themselves, exact sciences repel them.

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As you already understood, gray only at first glance may seem like an ordinary color, but in fact it harbors a huge amount of wealth. Behind him lies an elusive nobility that attracts to itself. It reminds us of the wisdom of the elderly, of the hardness and inaccessibility of rocks, of the power and greatness of huge thunderclouds. Yes, this shade has many interesting associations, the main thing is to take a closer look at it!

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