The most delicious herbs for tea

Some plants only reveal their taste when the leaves are fermented, and when dried or raw, they have a pale and herbaceous taste.

Tea herbs

Tea herbs are those herbs that taste good when brewed. The plant can use leaves, twigs, buds, flowers, and in some species – roots.

Some plants only reveal their taste when the leaves are fermented, and when dried or raw, they have a pale and herbaceous taste, such are the leaves of strawberries and strawberries. Or their taste is weak without fermentation, like maple leaves.

Plants such as blooming Sally, you can ferment, or you can brew dried top leaves and flowers. During fermentation, the taste changes to a richer one, with coffee-chicory notes. Fermented willow tea is one of the richest in taste tea drinks. The brewing of oak bark or alder cones can be compared with it in color density and bright taste, but this medicinal raw material is drunk not as tea, but as a remedy.

Has a very bright taste and aroma spiraea. However, it is so fragrant that not everyone can drink tea only from its leaves and flowers, because its taste is bright, even cloying. But it is very good as an additive to other herbs, imparting a honey flavor to the tea setting.

Cherry leaves good as a separate tea and with additives. They have a sweet, slightly tart taste. But when used without the addition of other herbs, there is a slight hint of herbal flavor that not everyone likes. Therefore, cherry (and sweet cherry) leaves can be combined with oak, maple leaves.

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Currants, mint, lemon balm, sage, raspberries, chamomile are the queens (and kings) of herbal teas in terms of deliciousness, vitamins, benefits, aroma. These herbs can be drunk fresh, dried and fermented.

Of forest plants, the main teas are blueberries, heather, lingonberries. Blueberries and heather make excellent, delicate, sweet, aromatic teas. Lingonberry gives sourness to the tea infusion. And the pharmacy lingonberry is generally sour-bitter, perhaps because it is harvested together with bearberry, which is of the same family and similar properties, but gives the tea bitterness.

If you want to make the most delicious herbal healthy tea, then you need to collect it yourself. Or buy (accept as a gift) from good people who treat herbs with care, with love, as with our smaller brothers / sisters. published

The most delicious herbs for tea
List of tea herbs (leaves, flowers):

1. Ivan tea (fireweed).

2. Meadowsweet (meadowsweet).

3. Currants.

4. Raspberries.

5. Blueberries.

6. Lingonberry.

7. Mint.

8. Melissa.

9. Cattleman.

10. Lamb.

11. Linden.

12. Cherry (sweet cherry).

13. Strawberries (strawberries).

14. Oak.

15. Maple.

16. Blackberries.

17. Rosehip.

18. Sage.

19. St. John’s wort.

20. Nettle.

21. Thyme.

22. Chamomile.

23. Clover.

24. Badan.

25. Schisandra.

26. Jasmine.

27. Hyssop.

28. Oregano.

29. Lavender.

30. Pear.

31. Heather.

32. Snakehead.

33. Fennel.

34. Tarragon.

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