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The most important source of nutrition for the brain

Not many people know that useful substances from the food they eat are not only used by brain cells to generate energy, but are also transported directly to the brain. Of these, the brain requires fats the most, since it consists of two thirds of them. But the fact is that cells need healthy fats, and harmful foods disrupt the functioning of the brain.

Fats are brain food

Major groups of fats

1. Monounsaturated (unsaturated fatty acids) – are healthy fats found in olive, canola, sunflower, nuts and avocado oils… Due to the high amount of antioxidants, they cause less oxidative damage to cells than other types of fats. Fatty acids, entering the brain, protect its cells from free radicals and make them resistant to destruction.

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2. Saturated fats (fatty acids) – less healthy, found in animal products (pork, beef, eggs, whole milk). An excess of these fats causes energy loss, inhibits brain activity, and causes oxidative destruction of the cell membranes. Excessive consumption of foods containing saturated acids leads to the risk of early aging and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The most important source of nutrition for the brain

3. Polyunsaturated fats (lipids) – the main ones, omega 3 and omega 6 acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are the most beneficial, found in oily fish, dark green vegetables, cucumber grass, some grains and seeds.

4. Trans fats are synthetic types of fats that are found in abundance in manufactured foods and are also found in fried foods. Because of them, brain cells slow down and become rigid.

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The most important source of nutrition for the brain

Of all the fats, trans fats are the most dangerous for the brain.

The Danger of Trans Fatty Acids

Like all types of fats, trans fatty acids are embedded in cell membranes, but unlike useful ones, they give the membranes firmness and they become less flexible. This hinders the ability to generate energy, receive nutrients, and work productively. An excess of trans fats makes the body age faster, increases the risk of diabetes, CVD, depression and senile dementia. Even if healthy fats are consumed along with trans fats, trans acids are the first to enter the brain.

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