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The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

This article will focus on arranging a closed gazebo on the site, which will allow you to enjoy nature regardless of the weather.

She is always in trend: in a closed house, even chilly autumn weather and winter cold will not interfere with rest, and an open gazebo allows you to feel unity with the surrounding nature and enjoy all the delights of the garden. It remains only to choose the option to your liking and create your own unique oasis for relaxation!

Closed gazebo

What gardener doesn’t dream of a gazebo? Such a building not only serves as a comfortable resting place, but can also become the main decoration of the garden. Round, polygonal, classic rectangular, with glass walls or open with a roof and support beams – the range of models in terms of their design and external parameters has expanded significantly in recent years. In this case, the design and materials can be any. It remains only to take into account the style of the site design.

For green estates in a natural style, open gazebos made of wood with light furniture designed a la southern resort are best suited.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

The gazebo with two solid walls on the leeward side resembles a dollhouse and is appropriate for a rustic-style plot.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

By the way, the most popular options are closed gazebos with large panoramic windows. And this choice is not surprising, because such a structure can be used around the clock and throughout the year, especially if you supply electricity for lighting and connecting heating devices.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

However, it is worth noting that on a tiny plot, a solid house will look too massive. For such green estates, light, airy gazebos are more suitable, for example, an open structure made of wood or a forged version.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

In general, a building with an area of ​​about 5-7 m² is enough for a comfortable stay for four people. Of course, there are also more spacious garden pavilions up to 20 m², but keep in mind that the larger the size and the more complex the design, the more expensive the construction will be.

Tip: octagonal models with the same quadrature are more roomy than traditional quadrangular ones. And there are more opportunities to design such a non-standard area in an original way.

The location in the garden depends on what effect the gazebo should produce: in an open area, for example at the end of a path, on a hill or in the middle of a lawn, the building will immediately attract attention and become the “star” of the garden scene. But this option is good only if the site is fenced off with a solid high fence, otherwise you will have to rest under the gaze of neighbors and passers-by.

The white pavilion with a gray roof is located in the sunniest spot on the site and is visible from anywhere in the garden. If the weather permits, you can spend your leisure time just under a tree, otherwise you can move to a glazed building.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

If the main task of the gazebo is to serve as a secluded resting place, it is worth choosing a more closed corner, for example, among lush vegetation closer to the border of the site or in the corner – here you can retire and fully relax.

The wall of the utility block can be used as a support for an impromptu gazebo made of a screen and awning woven from a vine instead of a canopy.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

The greenhouse in the cold season does an excellent job of being a full-fledged resting place. Here you can hide from the wind and rain, and on sunny autumn days enjoy the warmth of the air heated to a comfortable temperature.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

Left: The greenhouse does an excellent job of being a full-fledged resting place during the cold season. Right: In an unusual gazebo made of thin wooden slats with an integrated window frame, you can retire to a bench. The construction of the walls makes it possible to admire the site to your heart’s content

However, you should not completely hide the house, because it is not only a haven for relaxation, but also one of the main decorations of the garden. For the same reason, vegetation should not obstruct the view, that is, it is appropriate to break a flower garden of herbaceous perennials with low shrubs nearby.

Left: A small wooden house looks natural surrounded by Panicum virgatum ‘Rotstrahlbusch’. Right: at the screen of reed mats, adjacent to the gazebo, you can settle down to relax in good weatherThe pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

Tip: if the gazebo is a bit rustic for the title of the main accent and is lost against the background of colorful plantings, it can be “decorated” with vines or painted in a bright color.

Thanks to the maiden grapes, the wrought-iron gazebo turned into a cozy tent. True, you can hide here only from prying eyes, but not from bad weather.

The pearl of the garden: a cozy gazebo

And the last thing: choose a place so that the view of the entire site or at least a beautifully decorated separate part of it opens from the gazebo. published by econet.ru

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