The principles of nutrition according to the zodiac sign

Has your fantasy on the topic “What to cook?” To help you – a diet according to the zodiac sign of your household.

Do you believe in horoscopes? If not, then admit, reading them is sometimes very funny, and if you take this area seriously, then you probably know – each zodiac sign approaches life in its own way, has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, this is not all that astrologers can tell. It turns out that there are nutritional recommendations for each sign – read the selection in our article.

Culinary horoscope


Brave, ambitious, energetic and “hot”: no matter what horoscope you take – everywhere Aries is like that. Most likely, it is these qualities that are the basis for drawing up a diet for a hot sign.

Energetic individuals are advised to eat meat, but not fatty foods. The menu is advised to include more cereals. Oatmeal, buckwheat, millet – with them, the feeling of satiety is ensured, in addition, it will help to avoid snacks that are contraindicated for Aries. In addition, cereals remove toxins from the body.

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Variety in a boring, but useful set of products is brought by the recommendation to use spices, which is a piece of cake for Aries, lovers of spicy food.

This is perhaps the only way to warm Aries, because alcohol, strong tea and coffee are advised not to abuse the sign.


Taurus values ​​relaxation, knows how to use energy correctly, and loves comfort. Not surprisingly, Taurus’ diet is often associated with quality food.

A balanced diet is the main principle when drawing up a menu, it is important to remember that food should be not only healthy, but also tasty – otherwise Taurus will get bored with such a diet.

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However, it is better not to abuse flour products, sausages, sweets. Essential products: fish and other seafood, dairy products, cheese.

It is better to leave all the most delicious, high-calorie and unhealthy Taurus for breakfast, but this is an exception than the rule, there should not be such practices all the time.


Inconsistency, changes, disruption of plans – this is Gemini, like a fish in water. Everything is the same in food. Gemini are not picky about food, the main thing is that there is always novelty in the dishes. The principle of nutrition is simple – stick to the so-called “PP”, but constantly try new recipes.

There is one more thing in common with dietary recommendations: it is good if the diet contains foods that support the nervous system. By the way, you will have to everything that is rich in calcium. Fish, poultry, nuts are required on the menu.

The principles of nutrition according to the zodiac sign


The trait of this sign is emotionality. People born under this sign often overeat, especially when they are nervous or afraid. The stomach is the first to suffer from such nutrition. The key is to learn to control your bad eating habits and balance healthy fats, lean proteins, and natural sugars.

Mandatory ingredients of the diet: vegetables and lean meat. Stewing and boiling are ideal cooking methods.

a lion

Typically Leos love to eat royally, while healthy eating is rarely interested in this sign. Overeating can become a bad eating habit, which is harmful to the human body, no matter what their zodiac sign is. It is also believed that Lions have a weak heart, so it is important to have foods rich in vitamins, omega-3s, potassium and magnesium in their diet.

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The dedication and hard work of Virgos does not always benefit them, in constant work they can completely forget about food. However, it is believed that small, hearty and frequent meals are best for this sign. To adhere to this principle, Virgos simply need to create a clear schedule of basic meals and healthy snacks.

The “weak” organ of the sign is considered to be the intestine, so there should not be heavy food in the diet.

The principles of nutrition according to the zodiac sign


Libras tend to eat in moderation. If this is about you, then try to keep track of whether you consume too small portions, whether there are enough carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins in the diet.

Apples, walnuts, dill, pomegranates are recommended for consumption. It’s good to pay attention to the fish protein, scallops are perfect!


Scorpios appreciate foods that are very rich in flavor. This basically coincides with the characteristics of their diet, unlike other signs, they have few restrictions on food. Exceptions: hot sauces, spices, strong drinks.

In general, on the tables of Scorpios, vegetables and fruits, buckwheat, beans, poultry, and lean meat should be constantly present.

A bad feature of the sign is the tendency to accumulate bad substances in the body, ideally if the days of cleansing are included in the routine.


Avoiding fatty foods is the main advice of all astrologers for gourmet Sagittarius. Another feature of the sign is a good attitude towards nature. In recommendations, this trait manifests itself in the fact that Sagittarius needs fresh food. Pure water should be the main drink, while coffee and juices are advised to limit.

Also, Sagittarius should get enough protein, poultry, seafood, especially eggs are suitable. It is necessary to include dairy products and stewed vegetables in the diet.

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The principles of nutrition according to the zodiac sign


Capricorns rarely try something new, preferring tastes familiar from childhood. The main advice is to experiment with food more often, since the body needs a wide range of substances from different foods to function properly.

A Capricorn’s menu should include proteins, vegetables, seasonal fruits, eggs and yoghurts. Better to avoid spicy and heavy foods, and also to be careful with sweets.

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Aquarius needs balance in everything, while it is important to develop not in one, but in several areas. For this reason, the signs are often very busy, they are not up to the organization of food, which is why they tend to gain weight. To avoid this, Aquarius needs to adhere to the principle – less snacks – more proper homemade food.

Restrictions – fatty foods and coffee (no more than a cup a day). The basis of the diet is fruits and vegetables, seafood, and also among the tips is to try vegetarianism.

Aquarians are advised to relieve stress more often with chamomile or mint tea.


The watermark should limit the consumption of addictive foods (coffee, alcohol). The amount of liquid you drink must also be controlled, fish suffer from excess. The sign is advised to limit meat, it can be replaced with seafood. The rest has no strict prohibitions.

If a person born under this zodiac sign is going to visit you, you can safely cook something unusual. Pisces are creative and appreciate the cuisine – from the good presentation to the taste of the dishes.published

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