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The Silence Effect: Why Silence Is So Important to Our Brains

Scientists have found that noise causes a physical effect on the brain, contributing to increased production of stress hormones. Even when a person is asleep, sound travels through the ears as an electrical signal, causing irritation to the brain regions associated with memory and reactions. A noisy environment causes a deterioration in metabolic processes, inhibition of oxidative reactions, provokes irritation and aggression.

The healing powers of silence were discovered by chance when the effects of noise and music on a person were studied. Researchers made a startling discovery when they found the relaxing and healing effects of two-minute silences on patients between trials.

Healing Silence

People prefer to think of silence as just a lack of information, when in fact, the brain recognizes it and actively responds. Scientists have found that just two hours of silence a day triggers increased cell development in an area of ​​the brain responsible for restoring cognitive abilities.

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The brain constantly processes the incoming information, especially the part that is responsible for making decisions, everyday tasks, and so on gets a lot of the load. By being in silence, we give him the opportunity to relax and recover.

The Silence Effect: Why Silence Is So Important to Our Brains

While exposure to noise creates stress in the body, silence relieves and reduces stress in both the brain and the body… Silence replenishes and nourishes cognitive abilities, enhances the ability to concentrate, and increases motivation and brain cell function.

EThis ability for self-healing of the body was noticed in antiquity. All spiritual practices began with the fact that a novice or adept was forbidden to talk for a certain period. Silence helped to heal mental wounds, it allowed us to penetrate deeply into ourselves, to balance the needs of the body and mind.

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