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The spiritual side of Alzheimer’s

In addition to the physical aspect, any disease has a spiritual component, and Alzheimer’s disease is no exception. People don’t accidentally fall prey to Alzheimer’s disease; this process is under their unconscious control.

Spiritual roots of the disease

The spiritual roots of this affliction are both individual and social in nature. At the individual level, the development of Alzheimer’s disease can be due to any emotional factors – disappointment, grief, conflicts and other stressors that accumulate to such an extent that the brain literally starts to shy away from them. Every thought, feeling and emotion triggers corresponding biochemical changes in the brain, which then affect the entire body. Any changes in the brain are somehow associated with changes in mood, attitudes or reactions to internal imbalances.

Therefore, when a person cannot come to terms, emotionally cope with some event in his life that causes a storm of negative feelings, such as anger, resentment or guilt, all this contributes to the gradually increasing dysfunction of the body. We can talk about psychological trauma not completely overcome, some unsolved problem, but, be that as it may, the brain unconsciously or consciously closes itself and hides from difficulties, instead of openly tackling the problem and solving it once and for all … If a person experiences the very thought of a problem too painfully, he drives it into the subconscious, it seems to disappear for him.

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To get rid of these long-standing sufferings and traumas, you need to fully deal with them and leave them in the past, having answered all the questions. Otherwise, the person’s condition will only worsen over time, as it becomes more and more difficult for consciousness to distance itself from problems, rejecting or avoiding them.

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In many ways, Alzheimer’s is also a reflection of what is happening around us in the modern world. We are not just physical machines, our problems cannot be solved by simple replacement of parts and a little tweaking, yet many people take this approach when it comes to health.

The spiritual side of Alzheimer's

The human body has a remarkable ability to take care of itself, and if we want to stay healthy, the best thing to do is to support our body during this process, instead of resorting to unnatural interventions, disrupting the normal state of affairs and only creating problems where they do not exist.

Our society is firmly established in the conviction that nature is against us, that everything natural can only harm. Millions of people protect themselves from sunlight, deprive themselves of sleep, replace natural products with all sorts of rubbish, and then wonder why they are constantly so tired, sick and unhappy.

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Our problem is that by adhering to this approach, people, in fact, commit mass suicide, only very slowly. Pharmaceutical abuse, obesity, poor environmental conditions, emotional problems, poor diet and sedentary lifestyles leave millions, even billions of people too “clogged” for their bodies to function as they should. And this over time manifests itself in the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

That such a spiritual, holistic aspect is completely absent from the discussion of Alzheimer’s is unfortunate. But the good news is that you can take responsibility for your health. Do not think that you are a helpless victim of this terrible disease just because the medical establishment wants you to be in this delusion.

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Health is as easy to maintain as it is to destroy. The body constantly maintains or tries to maintain internal balance, and whenever we move away from a state of balance, it reminds us with all kinds of signs and symptoms that we have gone astray.

Sadly, many people often quite deliberately plunge themselves into such circumstances, as if they want to punish themselves for something: they deprive their body of necessary nutrients, expose it to harmful substances and radiation, replace internal biochemistry with negative psychological attitudes and emotional states. published by

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