The whole truth about the dangers of semi-finished products

We will learn how semi-finished products affect health and what are the consequences of their use.

Today, almost every second person can hear about the benefits of consuming natural and organic products. In our vocabulary, such words and phrases as: “whole-ground”, “healthy food”, “all natural”, “biologically active additives” are firmly entrenched. But until recently, scientific evidence in support of the movement for healthy eating was from a gulkin’s nose. There are many people who still prefer to eat convenience foods. We have some bad news for them.

Unhealthy food

  • Semi-finished products are harmful to health
  • Semi-finished foods lead to weight gain
  • Why are we getting fat?
  • Why do people buy semi-finished products?
  • Healthy eating formula
  • The most harmful foods

Semi-finished products are harmful to health

People who eat more processed food (past thermal and other types of food processing) not only increase the risk of developing various diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also shorten their lives. Here are two examples.

The whole truth about the dangers of semi-finished products

One study involved over 100,000 people. Scientists have been collecting information about the daily diet of these people for 5 years, as well as monitoring their health. As a result, it turned out that those who ate a lot of processed food, the risk of developing diseases associated with the cardiovascular system increased by 10 percent.

In the second study, researchers observed what 20,000 people ate for 14 years. Analysis of these data showed that the mortality rate among people who ate a lot of processed foods during the observation period was 18 percent higher than among those who ate little or not at all.

Semi-finished foods lead to weight gain

Scientists from the United States have prepared the results of another study. It talks about how people get fat on convenience foods. Scientists conduct an experiment. We selected 20 completely healthy people (10 men and 10 women) and put them on a special diet for 28 days.

The whole truth about the dangers of semi-finished products

For the first 14 days, people ate highly processed food. Then the diet changed dramatically, and people were allowed to eat only minimally processed foods. In both cases, the participants in the experiment could eat as much food as they wanted.

The results were incredible. On a highly processed diet, people ate 500 more calories per day than on a diet with minimally processed food – about 3000 calories versus 2500. In 14 days of the semi-finished diet, people gained an average of 1 kilogram of weight. Switching to less processed foods allowed them to lose 1 kilogram of weight.

Calorie overload and weight gain were observed even when both diets contained the same amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and various beneficial micronutrients.

Why are we getting fat?

It should be noted that the convenience foods diet did not consist of all kinds of hamburgers, chips and cola, sweets and other “junk food”. People ate common canned foods (soups, vegetables, meat), bread, and so on.

The whole truth about the dangers of semi-finished products

Overeating and weight gain is explained by the fact that convenience foods are typically eaten 50 percent faster than unprocessed foods. This is because processed foods tend to be softer. It is easier to chew and swallow. It also contains more calories per gram of food. It has a high energy value. Minimally processed foods have more solid fiber (the fiber found in plant foods). They provide little energy and are hardly absorbed by our body.

It takes our stomach about 20 minutes to tell the brain that we are full and need to reduce our appetite. When we eat food quickly, we consume calories quickly. As a result, the stomach does not have time to tell the brain that we are already full. And we go on and on and on.

Why do people buy semi-finished products?

The whole truth about the dangers of semi-finished products

The main reason is convenience. Often, such food does not need to be prepared. Time is saved. In our modern hyperactive world, where everyone is in a hurry, it’s easier to eat a hamburger, shawarma or pie on the go than to go and cook at home on your own. Another reason is taste. Manufacturers use various supplements that increase our appetite. Another reason is the price. Convenience foods are often cheaper than unprocessed foods.

Healthy eating formula

There can be only one advice here. Consume the foods you like, but in a less processed form. For example, instead of apple juice, it is better to eat apples. Use whole grains instead of grated muesli. Instead of bacon, eat home-cooked meat and so on.

The most harmful foods

At the end of the article, I would like to give a few facts about which foods shorten our lives:

  • Do you drink sweet soda every day? By doing this, you shorten your life by 4.5 years;
  • Fast food, margarine, spreads, cakes, pastries, cookies and other foods high in trans fats bring you closer to stroke and type 2 diabetes;
  • Do you like having a glass of alcohol once a week? Less than six months of life. Two servings a week? Two years of life. Three or more – you will live 5 years less;
  • The likelihood of early death from the effects of heart disease from your favorite sausage, sausages, ham and bacon increases by 72%, from cancer – by 11%. These products are recognized by the medical profession as carcinogenic;
  • Artificial sweeteners can contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. These sores shorten life;
  • Pickles. They have a lot of salt. Too much salt – higher risk of heart disease, stroke and stomach cancer.

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