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Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract according to the Su Jok system

Su Jok therapy is an oriental technique for stimulating reflex points located on the human body. By acting on the active centers of the hands and feet, you can restore body functions, alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases of the digestive system, get rid of painful sensations, cramps, nausea and heartburn.

Anyone can find areas of conformity without much difficulty. When you act on these points, you send signals to the brain that indicate a problem, and in response it gives a command to restore the work of the affected organ. This method is safe for your health. The wrong effect will not do harm, and the right one will help get rid of many unpleasant manifestations.

We treat the gastrointestinal tract according to Su Jok

Experts believe that projections of internal organs are reflected on the palms and soles of the feet. The projection of the stomach is on the palms. Thus, you can heal this organ by stimulating active points with a wooden pencil or plant seeds, rice grains, small seeds.

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Stick technique

With the blunt end of a wooden stick, press on the energy point, you will feel a little pain, wait a little – it will soon subside. Now massage this area by pressing harder, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.

Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract according to the Su Jok system

Work on the energy center until the pain disappears completely. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, slight itching, warmth – all these manifestations indicate that the stimulation is being carried out correctly. Massage every day for 3-5 minutes, after 3-4 hours until you feel a significant improvement in well-being.

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Plant seed massage

First, act on the energy centers in the same way as in the previous description. As soon as you feel warmth, tingling or mild itching, fix the plant seeds on the healing points or areas using adhesive plaster.The duration of wearing the seeds is 1 day. Now, every 3-4 hours, stimulate the points attached to the skin with plant seeds. After a day, replace the used seeds, and continue the therapeutic effect every day, until a tangible improvement in well-being.

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