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Trellis – stylish garden decoration

Let’s talk about a trellis – a useful design that will not only help you grow climbing plants, but also make your garden extremely beautiful, light and delicate.

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that every gardener tries to make his summer cottage unique – beautiful, stylish and original. There are many different ways to do this: arranging flower beds, alpine slides and rockeries, planting all kinds of exotic plants, building gazebos, recreation areas, and so on.

Trellis for the garden

  • What can you make a trellis
  • How to install the trellis correctly

In this article we will tell you about what shape a trellis can have, how to make it yourself, as well as why and how you can use it.

So, the trellis is a lattice structure for supporting various plants: grapes and clematis, roses, morning glories and others … In addition to its practical functions, a trellis made in unusual decorative forms will in itself become an excellent stylish garden decoration, which can be made of wood, metal and even plastic – you decide.

Trellis - stylish garden decoration

Tapestry as an element of garden decor became popular several centuries ago, it is no less in demand today.

The first tapestries began to appear in parks and gardens in France, England and Italy as early as the 17th century. Russia did not lag behind – there was a place for tapestries in numerous Russian estates, palaces and parks.

In addition, it is with its help that you can successfully hide various unsightly places in a garden plot – an old fence or crooked, ugly walls of outbuildings.

Trellis - stylish garden decoration

And with the help of a horizontally installed trellis, you can build a beautiful roof in the gazebo.

Trellis - stylish garden decoration

From several interconnected trellises, a wonderful arbor can be obtained.

Trellis - stylish garden decoration

Also, a properly installed trellis will help you hide from prying eyes, acting as a patio. To do this, simply protect your resting place on three sides with trellises and plant rapidly growing climbing plants or vines: maiden grapes, highlander, honeysuckle, ivy and others – there is a great choice!

And in general: any garden in which there are such extraordinary “living partitions” will look more voluminous and interesting.

Despite its beautiful aesthetic appearance, the trellis, first of all, performs practical functions: it supports the shoots of grapes and raspberries, weighed down with berries, helps the cucumber climb as close to the sun as possible.

What can you make a trellis

Almost anything: wood, plastic, wire, metal. But most often it is made of thin – about 1.5 centimeters wide – wooden slats or bars. Please note: the greater the mass of plants that will lean on it, the more rigid the frame must be – the frame.

The form

It can be different and depends on your desire, the availability of materials and, of course, the ability to implement your plans. Wood structures can be square, triangular and rectangular. The shapes of metal, wire and plastic are somewhat more diverse: arched, S-shaped in the form of a fan, and so on.


When choosing the shape of the trellis, remember: its strength and stability, first of all, depend on the size of the cells. So, the larger the size of the cells, the more flimsy the structure will be, and vice versa. Cells within 10 cm are considered optimal in size. And the elements are connected to each other using small nails or self-tapping screws, which makes it possible to stretch the trellis.

It is also important to maintain the same size of the cells throughout the entire plane of the structure. But no one limits your imagination – the tapestry can combine both large and smaller cells, forming an intricate pattern; the main thing is not to abuse it. If you wish, you can combine the cells on the trellis, simply by inserting smaller cells into the larger cells, thereby enhancing the decorative effect.

How to install the trellis correctly

If you intend to install the trellis as a free-standing structure, for example, in the middle of a flower bed, it must be stiffened. The support post can easily cope with this task.

Trellis - stylish garden decoration

A rod of reinforcement about 1 cm thick, driven into the ground by 50 cm, will act just fine as a support pillar.You can also use an ordinary wooden block, the bottom of which needs to be treated with resin and wrapped with a piece of roofing material, but such a pillar will not stand for very long.

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Remember that when installing a freestanding trellis, it is necessary to take into account the wind loads to which it will be subjected: a dense green “carpet” in the wind turns into a kind of sail and the structure simply cannot withstand the load, but do you need it?


Give the necessaryThe same rigidity of the structure is possible with the help of a frame – a strong wooden or metal frame. Naturally, if you intend to fix the trellis on a post or near a wall of some kind of building, then there is no need to install a frame, except that according to your design idea it will play the role of a decorative element, this is also possible, as, for example, in this photo.

The frame can be made from wooden blocks of a slightly larger section than is required for the manufacture of the trellis itself – about 25-30 mm. From these bars, a frame is mounted, most often in the form of a rectangle or square, and the trellis grate is assembled directly on it. To keep the grille better, grooves can be made on the frame, in which the thin strips of the trellis will be fixed with pins as securely as possible.

If you want to put several trellises along a flower bed, path or playground, then they must be installed in the form of a fence. When making a frame for such a bulky structure, it is better to use bars of different sections. So, bars of about 3 x 4 cm are suitable for racks.But the longitudinal ties can be made from thinner strips – with a section of about 1 x 2 cm.

The tapestry, as one of the varieties of small architectural forms, will become a stylish decoration for your garden and turn it into a real fairy tale. You just need to install it in the garden and plant any climbing plant near it, directing its shoots to the support. And then nature will do everything by itself – create a unique picture, a real miracle of landscape design. Believe in a fairy tale, and it will definitely come into your life!published by econet.ru

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