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Vitamins for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin lesion of non-infectious origin that lasts for years, and sometimes decades, accompanied by periods of relapse and remission. It is considered one of the most common dermatological diseases, affecting 2 to 5% of people in the world. For treatment, along with other drugs, vitamin therapy is mandatory.

In psoriasis, the top layers of the skin die off much faster than in a healthy person. If the normal cycle of cell division takes about a month, then during the period of illness it accelerates to 4-5 days. Therefore, there is a rounded rash of sticky skin cells, pink or bright red color. Their top layer is covered with flaky white or silvery scales; they grow rapidly and whole foci – plaques – merge.

What vitamins will help with psoriasis


Vitamin A – relieves inflammation, relieves itching, normalizes excessively dry skin. Retinol acetate creams and gels are used to relieve inflammatory processes in plaque psoriasis.

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Vitamin C – restores the immune system, promotes collagen synthesis and maintains the health of the epithelium. Ascorbic acid optimizes recovery processes, saturates the skin with moisture.

Vitamin D – normalizes excessive cell division in psoriasis, increases the effectiveness of other drugs.

Vitamins for psoriasis

Vitamin E – reduces inflammatory reactions, promotes better blood circulation, helps to relieve pain and discomfort. Tocopherol helps to regenerate damaged tissue.

Vitamin B6 – prevents possible recurrence of the disease, slows down the division of skin cells, reduces itching and flaking in the affected areas.

Vitamin K – promotes the restoration of the skin. Phylloquinone helps to heal focal wounds and cracks.

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Vitamins for psoriasis

Vitamin B12 – takes part in various metabolic processes, normalizes the cells of the dermis. Cyanocobalamin helps restore the health of the nervous system, improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body.

Vitamins for psoriasis

In addition, in psoriasis, a trace element is very important zinc, since it has high biological activity and is necessary for proper cell division, the work of more than 200 enzymes responsible for protein, RNA and DNApublished by

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