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We are renewing old furniture. New life of favorite things

We will learn how to restore and give new life to old furniture, which is usually thrown into a landfill.

Do you have old furniture? Most likely, yes: a massive oak grandmother’s chest of drawers, a thin-legged armchair from the sixties, a prim but already unfashionable “wall” from the late Soviet Union, or, finally, a chair with a sagging seat. And if you own, for example, an antique card table, then you can be called a lucky one. Even if you don’t plan to use it in your home interior, antiques are a good financial investment.

Restoration of old furniture

  • Let’s say a word about old furniture
  • We paint old furniture
  • Decoupage – art for the poor or a distinctive style?
  • Lace, fabric, leather and more

Furniture items that are less valuable from the point of view of art critics can also be used, because old furniture is usually solid and sturdy. For this, obsolete things need to be updated. The article will talk about ways to restore and renew old furniture, as well as other means to radically change the appearance of aged and unsightly tables and nightstands.

Let’s say a word about old furniture

Furniture belongs to movable property, previously it was successfully inherited by their children. In the wedding traditions of different peoples, a bed with all featherbeds, pillows and lace bedspreads was given as a dowry for the bride. And, if possible, families, capital and real estate. Times have changed, and today money and real estate have come to the first (and often the only) place: it is unlikely that a bed from IKEA will be regarded as a worthy dowry.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

Nevertheless, many (and not only collectors) continue to value and cherish old furniture even now. There are people who simply cannot throw good-quality cabinets and dressers into a landfill. Old furniture brings a special feeling of comfort and coziness to the house. With its help, you can create a unique and emotional environment.

Many interior styles popular today are based on the use of old furniture or items made “antique”, artificially aged. You cannot do without them when decorating an interior in Provence or country style. Historical styles (classic, empire, baroque) also look more respectable with the use of authentic antique furniture.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

And a modern interior, for example, in high-tech or minimalist style, will only benefit from the contrast of glass and chrome with an old wardrobe, chest of drawers or whatnot. It is good if heirlooms have been preserved, passed down from generation to generation. But for those who are not the owner of family furniture heirlooms, but appreciate and love the old setting, there is a way out: such furniture can be bought, often for mere pennies.

Restoration, alteration and renovation will bring back to life dilapidated objects or completely change old things. As a result, your home may have a unique specimen that will become the pearl of the interior and, possibly, the envy of guests.

We paint old furniture

The easiest way to give furniture a second life, to turn an ordinary item into an exclusive thing, to harmoniously fit old furniture into an updated interior is painting.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

Although painting is the easiest and most affordable way to update furniture without professional knowledge and skills, it is very diverse. Staining can be an independent type of alteration, or it can be an intermediate or final stage in such types of finishes as aging or decoupage, painting, as well as during restoration work. Varnish application can also be attributed to painting, because the tools, technique and preparatory steps for using paint and varnish are the same.

The success of your old furniture renovation venture depends on the fulfillment of three points.

  • Thoughtful idea or concept

Thinking over in detail what exactly you want to get as a result is half the success of the business. The choice of paint and technique depends on the idea.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

Thinking of how your updated wardrobe will look like, do not forget that it is part of the interior, which means that it should become not only beautiful, but also a continuation of the entire style of interior decoration.

  • Good quality paint

Whatever you’re up to – just refresh a worn chair or create a stylish piece of arts and crafts, the paint must be of high quality. Not necessarily expensive and branded – just good: easy to apply, covering, wear-resistant, creating a uniform (without smudges and drops) surface.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

The paint must be selected depending on the purpose and material of the object to be painted.

  • Compliance with all stages of the technological process

When doing something, you so want to see the result faster, that it is very easy to sacrifice any details of the process. Be patient: haste can nullify all efforts, you will only ruin the materials and your mood.

Decoupage – art for the poor or a distinctive style?

Today, many people are fond of decoupage: photographs of various objects decorated with applique are full of all sites devoted to needlework. This technique appeared in the Middle Ages, and the peak of its popularity came in the middle of the 17th century, when the Asian fashion came to Europe – objects in the Japanese, Arabic or Chinese style.

Furniture with real inlay was expensive, so furniture makers came up with a way to replace it with a cheaper option, gluing painted ornaments and covering the surface with numerous (up to forty) layers of varnish. The price of such products was much lower, and the popularity was no less.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

Decoupage was not only carried out by carpenters to optimize the sales of the fruits of their labor. This type of handicraft was popular among the upper strata of society. So, Marie Antoinette and her ladies of the court made very cute little things with their own hands, using drawings by Watteau, Fragonard and other famous artists of that time, specially created for these purposes.

Although today (however, as in the 19th century) plots in the form of flowers, pastoral scenes and angels are most popular for decoupage, a variety of pictures can be used for decoration.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

Lace, fabric, leather and more

In stores you can buy a film, popularly called “self-adhesive”, and on the Internet you can find many options for quickly updating the interior. A polymer film with a sticky layer, of course, is a good option for finishing furniture, and with a high-quality performance, self-adhesive looks quite attractive. But the film on sale is far from the only option for renovating furniture.

We are renewing old furniture.  New life of favorite things

A wardrobe, a table or any other piece of furniture can be pasted over with fabric and its varieties, for example, lace or tulle, leather (both natural and artificial), paper (for example, ordinary wallpaper). With the help of fabric and paper, you can create not only a pattern on the surface, but also an texture.

This is a small list of furniture upgrade possibilities. You should definitely try and new ideas will come by themselves. And the exclusive items obtained as a result of the decor, perhaps, will just become the furniture that you are not ashamed to leave as a legacy or receive as a dowry. published by econet.ru

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