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We make a good entrance to the site

It is not at all difficult to do it with your own hands to enter the site through a ditch. Starting the construction of a house or summer cottage, first of all, you should equip the entrance to the site.

Arriving at the site is necessary for construction equipment and the supply of materials, therefore, it is done in the first place. The question arises where the drainage ditch might come from. The answer is simple: it is specially arranged between the road and the territory of the site. The main role of the ditch is to collect ground, rain, and melt water, preventing them from entering the site. You cannot simply fill up such a ditch, otherwise all the water will go to the site.

Entry device to the site

Do-it-yourself drive to the site through the ditch is necessary even if there is no personal transport. Check-in is required for convenient delivery of large-volume materials: furniture, building materials, etc. The work should be done efficiently in order to avoid frequent repairs in the future due to the heavy load of the entrance. A hired team of specialists will be able to make the entrance qualitatively. If the owner has the skills necessary for the construction, he can start work on his own, while saving money.

We make a good entrance to the site

Drainage pipe laying scheme

A good check-in is an easy life, as experienced summer residents say. Let us emphasize once again that it is necessary to deal with its arrangement first of all. For the supply of building materials, an even entrance is needed.

And if there is also a ditch in front of the gate, then a bridge is needed that will withstand any loads. If the holiday village is located in a lowland, then a ditch is needed to drain water from the site. In this case, a special passage for the car will be required. The entrance should be not only strong, but also beautiful, because this is the first thing that guests see.

If the terrain in front of the gate is flat, then it is covered with screenings or fine gravel. The presence of a ditch complicates this process somewhat. It cannot be filled up and confused, since groundwater in springtime can flood not only your yard, but also the yards of neighbors.

We will have to resort to a method that does not require filling the ditch. At first glance, it is simple, but it has its own characteristics.

The ditch can be concreted and a pipe can be laid for the flow of water. The check-in is arranged over the ditch. For this, a pipe is laid in the ditch. This option, although complex, is used by many at their dacha. In order for the pipe not to move anywhere, the bottom of the ditch is covered with gravel, after which the pipe is laid. She, too, is covered with gravel, which is mixed with sand. Then this backfill is compacted. The pipe can be fixed with concrete mortar, so the drive will become more reliable. As a finishing touch, you can lay slabs or decorative stones.

We make a good entrance to the site
Drainage pipe laying scheme

This option has its advantages:

  • The functionality of the ditch is not affected.
  • Strength and durability of the structure.
  • Versatility.

In order to make a do-it-yourself check-in, you need to have the following tools:

  • shovel;
  • buckets for sand or mortar;
  • special construction woman for tamping.

If it is decided to pour concrete, then a manual vibrator is needed to level the mixture. But where there are advantages, there are disadvantages. For example, the large weight of the pipe, which for this reason is inconvenient to install yourself. You will have to hire special equipment, which will require additional costs. And the pipe itself is not worth a penny. Better to find a pipe that has already been used, but this takes time.

Sleepers – a suitable design for entry

Sleepers are the second option. This design is not very strong, but it will be able to withstand the weight of the machine with the load. This option is more suitable for a minibus or car. Sleepers are a quick and economical way to make a do-it-yourself ride. Wooden sleepers do not rot for a long time, as they undergo special processing during manufacture. The only thing that can confuse the owner is a pungent and unpleasant smell. But even here you can get out: new sleepers have a pungent smell, and you can also buy used ones, which have been well ventilated over the years on the street. And their cost will be much lower than that of the new ones.

Let’s note the advantages of such entry:

  • Low price.
  • Fast and easy installation. Such a bridge is simply laid over the ditch, no special equipment is needed here.
  • Durability and long service life.

There is also one drawback.

The sleepers simply spread to the ground, and in the spring (after the snow melts) they can part, as they are not fixed with anything. If this option suits you, then you can proceed with the arrangement of the passage. True, each spring will begin with the repair and laying of sleepers.

Reinforced concrete comes to the rescue

When entering the plot through a ditch, you can pour a concrete slab, which will serve for many years. You can do it yourself, which is associated with physical and financial costs, or you can install a ready-made one with your own hands.

The large weight of these products must be taken into account when laying, therefore, you cannot do without special equipment. And an hour of work of such equipment costs a lot.

There is another important nuance: not every area is suitable for installing an entrance from a reinforced concrete slab.

If floods occur in spring, the soil on which the slab lies will be eroded by water and the slabs will begin to shift.

As a result, cracks and faults will appear, which will lead to the destruction of the slab. In this case, repairs will have to be done, although repairs are not the best way out, it will be much safer to replace the stove with a new one.

For this reason, such races are very rare, especially when compared with the previous options. And the installation process is very laborious. In addition, the slab carries less weight than the same concrete pipe laid in a ditch. And if the check-in is done in order to deliver materials for building a house, the plate can simply break from an intense load. Buying a new stove is not a cheap pleasure. In other words, you should think carefully before getting to work so that you do not regret it later.

Arrangement of the entrance to the territory of a summer cottage or a country house is a matter that does not tolerate hasty decisions. Here you should think carefully before getting to work and buying building materials. Experienced craftsmen advise using the first option for creating a check-in with your own hands, since the pipe is more reliable than reinforced concrete slabs. The methods given above can be realized on your own. Of course, any job requires certain skills and abilities, so if you doubt your abilities, then hire the best specialists. The team will do all the work not only efficiently, but also quickly.

Owners of a site with a drainage ditch will have to think about making a solid drive. The above several ways will help solve this problem. In addition, a check-in can be made not only durable, but also visually attractive: plant small trees or boxwood bushes, make flower beds and plant flowers, preferably perennial. Curly roses, supported by trellises, will also look beautiful. However, the improvement of the territory of entry is already a separate topic. published by econet.ru

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