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What are paving stones, types of modern paving stones

We will find out what types of paving stones exist and how they are used when arranging a garden and a plot.

Initially, paving stones were the names of basalt and granite material used for arranging paths in the garden, as well as for laying pavements and sidewalks. For this, we used untreated pieces of granite with a flat surface of the same size and shape.

Paving stones in the garden

  • Types of modern paving stones
  • Paving types and patterns
  • Paths in the garden

Today, polished pieces of chipped and sawn granite are used for these purposes. Paving stones are still popular. The material is diverse, but still attractive and durable.

Modern manufacturers offer inexpensive types of paving stones for arranging roads and squares, namely concrete paving stones. The main advantage is an inexpensive price with good technical qualities of the material.

What are paving stones, types of modern paving stones

Types of modern paving stones

Concrete types of paving stones are often used for suburban paths. In the production of such products, vibrocompression or vibrocasting is used; plasticizers and various color pigments are added to the concrete mixture.

Another type of coating is clinker paving stones, made on the basis of clay.

The important characteristics of the material are strength and frost resistance, long service life. By their appearance, clinker paving stones resemble brick, but have a different configuration and size. And, finally, the most popular type of paving stone is stone.

What are paving stones, types of modern paving stones

Natural covering is divided into granite, basalt and marble paving stones. Such a coating of chipped, sawn-chipped and sawn stone is able to outlive its creator for centuries. For paths in the garden, they usually choose paving stones from aleurolite and sandstone, as well as inexpensive artificial materials.

Paving types and patterns

When paving with paving stones, laying is used in regular rows, arcuate and arbitrary. At the same time, there are innumerable styling options: this is a herringbone, a pigtail, a checkerboard pattern, scales, a fan, and others, for a story about which at least one more article is required.

What are paving stones, types of modern paving stones

There are examples of paving stones that depict national, plant and floral themes, complex ornaments of Arabic script and even space views. Laying paving stones on the site can be a real creativity, but do not forget about the general landscape solution.

Paths in the garden

The paths in the garden are covered with chipped and sawn-chipped stone of arbitrary configuration of small size 70x70x50 or 50x50x30 mm, they are used for laying out ornaments. The covering with a geometric pattern is made of 200x100x45 mm clinker paving stones.

Natural tiles are great for a natural, natural look.

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