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What can be done with an old bucket

The dacha is the place where seemingly purely household items can turn into an original and functional decor element.

You just need to dream up a little and not be afraid of experiments. So, if an unnecessary bucket is gathering dust in your closet or shed (whole or with moderate defects), do not rush to throw it away. Many designers and artists buy specifically what you want to throw away. Particularly desperate art lovers can come to the trash heap in search of the coveted bucket. Where to “fit” it to give it a second “life”?

Household decor

  • Plant pots
  • A construction that shelters plantings from frost
  • Container for collecting vegetables and berries
  • Seed dryer
  • Hook-shelf for storing hose and small equipment
  • Stool or bucket table base
  • Small items storage containers
  • Umbrella stand
  • Old bucket shelves

Plant pots

The easiest option. Convert an old, out of shape metal bucket into an elegant plant pot.

To do this, the bucket should be cleaned of rust and applied with the paint you like. For the effect of an aged coating, semi-dry paint must be rubbed with a rag in several places and allowed to dry completely. The pot is ready! If this decor seems too simple to you, try decorating the bucket with decoupage.

Important: As a rule, metal buckets are taken for rework. Most often, tin or stainless steel.

A construction that shelters plantings from frost

It often happens that zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and other thermophilic crops have already been planted in the ground (without a greenhouse), and the weather forecast guarantees frosts. We need to take care of the shelter as soon as possible. This is where a small old bucket comes in handy – for the frame of the structure. We knock out the bottom from it and put it on the ground so that the plant is inside. It turns out a reliable protective “house”.

What can be done with an old bucket

Important: it is not worth pressing the bucket into the ground strongly, so as not to damage the root system of the plant.

Then we abundantly sprinkle our bucket with earth on all sides and compact it well. For complete peace of mind, you can put a piece of light, thin glass on top, then as if no frosts are terrible for plantings.

Container for collecting vegetables and berries

If the bucket is leaky, but still quite strong, it can be pierced completely. You get a vessel, similar to buckets for collecting olives and grapes:

What can be done with an old bucket

If there is no bottom or it is already in the last stage of destruction, you can proceed as follows:

  • Remove the bottom of a bucket with still strong walls and a handle.
  • We make a new mesh bottom from steel or aluminum wire.
  • We attach it to the walls with rivets or fix it in pre-made holes.

What can be done with an old bucket

The container is ready! You can collect anything in it, from weeds to fruits and vegetables. This design is especially relevant for root crops – potatoes, carrots, beets – since the earth from them will spill out through the bottom.

What can be done with an old bucket

Very often ripe, juicy berries cannot be transported home without loss. No matter how neatly you fold them, something will be crushed, regardless of the material and size of the bucket. If you have free time and a desire for experimentation, try making a similar container for berries. In it, you can carefully transport and even store the crop for a short time.

What can be done with an old bucket

How to make a container for berries:

  • We take an old bucket with or without a bottom. In the latter case, the bottom is woven of wire, like the container for collecting vegetables described above.
  • Further, taking into account the size of the bucket, we make small pallets, which will be located in the bucket, like shelves. How many and what size are needed depends on the bucket. Pallets can be either solid or mesh.
  • We fill one pallet with berries – we put it in a bucket, we fill the next one – we lower it on the “floor” above the previous one.

Important: Small hooks can be attached to the pallets to make it easier to remove and insert them back.

Seed dryer

Many gardeners dry and warm seeds before planting to promote germination and protect seedlings from disease. This is where a homemade dryer comes in handy.

To make it you will need:

  • old bucket,
  • small night light,
  • colander,
  • thermometer,
  • mesh cell – “shelf”,
  • the seeds themselves.

What can be done with an old bucket

How this design works:

  • At the bottom of the bucket we put a night light with a 25 watt bulb.
  • In the middle of the bucket we place a mesh cell on which we pour seeds.
  • We put a thermometer to control the temperature.
  • We turn on the night light and cover the bucket with a colander, and over it we throw a warm scarf.

The process has started. According to gardeners, it takes an hour. Some, after the drying stage, arrange the second stage – heating. Then the light bulb must be changed to a more powerful one and left for another two hours.

Hook-shelf for storing hose and small equipment

Another elementary and at the same time unusual use of an old bucket.

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What can be done with an old bucket

Nail the bucket upside down to the wall of the utility block or fence. All! Wrap a hose on top of the bucket. It will be convenient to take off and you will not have to unravel it. Inside, you can put a garden trowel, pruning shears, gloves, small rakes – what you use most often when working in the garden.

Stool or bucket table base

If you paint the bucket as described above, let it dry and turn it upside down, you get a nice stool. As a decoration, you can throw a knitted “seat” or pillow on top. Or put a seat inside, then you get a completely different model.

What can be done with an old bucket

An old bucket can be a great base for a table too. To do this, it is also painted, turned upside down, and a hand-made table top complements the set. For example, wooden.

Small items storage containers

It is best to use small buckets that are damaged only on the outside. Color them however you like, add vinyl stickers, and then place whatever you want in them: kitchen or stationery, magazines and newspapers, bathroom accessories, trivia for needlework, cards, coins and much more.

What can be done with an old bucket

To somehow systematize such homemade containers, they can be hung on rails or hooks, placed on a rack, put on a shelf.

Umbrella stand

Tall buckets are ideal for holding umbrellas.

What can be done with an old bucket

Bigger containers placed in the corridor will become a “home” for slippers, sandals and slates, and those located in the utility block will “shelter” shoes for gardening.

Old bucket shelves

The shelves from old buckets deserve special attention. They are the favorites of the “handy” and creative summer residents. And their coefficient of utility is higher than that of other products. They can be placed anywhere and stored a huge amount of everything. With such convenient and unpretentious shelves, you definitely won’t be lost!

What can be done with an old bucket

Instructions for creating shelves from buckets:

  • Find the right buckets. If you will be placing them in one place, think over the colors: they should be combined with each other and with the color of the room. Choose by texture so that all buckets are either shiny or aged. Glossy and faux antiques may not look good.
  • After the buckets are picked up, work begins on putting them in order and decorating. This is not difficult. We get rid of rust, paint on the outside and inside. If necessary, we age it using a “rough” method, using a rag.
  • We wait until the base color dries and apply a picture or a sticker (optional).
  • Thinking over the location and layout. It is better to first arrange them on the floor or ground in the order in which you want to hang them on the wall. Look, think, perhaps create another option and choose the best one.
  • The final step is wall mounting. We drill holes in the buckets, put them on the wall and fasten them.

Important: The more the contents of the bucket will weigh, the stronger the fastening must be (screws and dowels or special nails).

And finally, the easiest way to use an unnecessary bucket. In order not to invent or tinker with anything, just save the bucket for the winter – for a snowman’s headdress.

What can be done with an old bucket

This is how simple-looking things can be both useful in the household and pleasing to the eye. published by econet.ru

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