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What does leptin affect?

Research on the hormone leptin proves that it is responsible for our emotions and thoughts, and is also a metabolic shutter. Let’s consider the main functions of leptin and find out what happens in the body when the hormone is fully regulated.

The main task of leptin is to control energy expenditure by interacting with the hypothalamus (the brain’s regulator of metabolism). Since the hormone is produced by fat cells, the more there are in the body, the more the hormone is in the bloodstream. The body perceives this as an excess of leptin, “opens the flap” and seeks to get rid of more calories. But with chronically elevated levels of the hormone, brain structures stop responding to signals. therefore one should be wary of hormone replacement therapy, but if it is not urgently needed to save life.

Is leptin a metabolic shutter?

If the brain centers are insensitive to the excess of the hormone, then the metabolic valve does not open. Previously, there have been attempts to treat obesity with leptin, but this did not lead to the expected results. The hormone showed itself from a completely different side. It has already been proven that its excess causes chronic inflammation, early aging and increases the risk of developing diseases of civilization. And obesity is a chronic disease, not just weak willpower and a number of other diseases accompany it.

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With a chronic excess of the hormone, it is almost impossible to achieve that the metabolic center reacts to the situation correctly and “opens the shutter”.

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What does leptin affect?

That is why those who seek to get rid of extra pounds are faced with an incomprehensible situation:

  • a high level of leptin causes the body to be insensitive to this factor;
  • a decrease in hormone levels makes you feel hungry and all efforts to lose weight are in vain.

In addition, constant hunger and low levels of the hormone reduce the activity of thyroid and nervous system hormones, provoking “closing the flap”. Therefore, overweight people who are trying to lose weight manage to burn 300-400 fewer calories every day compared to people starting the process of losing weight with less weight.

What else does leptin affect?

Leptin influences not only metabolic processes in the body, but also our emotional state and mental activity. And this is quite understandable, since along with insulin, this hormone “notifies” the brain about food supplies, hunger or abundance. And if the body is not saturated, then it directs all its forces to save energy. And this leads to the fact that a person is not sufficiently motivated to take action, does not enjoy life or becomes socially isolated.

On the other hand, leptin resistance leads to depression. And more to this is the tendency of overweight women, since their hormone levels are exceeded, and the brain centers do not know about it. The same situation arises with signals to the center of memory. Thus, with a better sensitivity of the body to leptin, a person feels vigor and increased efficiency.

There are various techniques to restore hormone regulation. It is necessary to use them not only for those who are obese, but also for those with metabolic syndrome. If you are experiencing deterioration, emotional instability, and other ailments, check out the basic steps for regulating leptin levels. published by

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