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What does “lump in throat” warn about?

The most common complaint of patients at a gastroenterologist’s appointment is a feeling of tightness or fullness of the neck, a sensation of a foreign body – a lump in the throat. But in itself, this symptom is not mandatory for gastrointestinal diseases, it appears only in cases of disorders of the autonomic nervous system or neurotic reactions.

Where does a lump in the throat come from?

This common symptom can be a manifestation of a functional disorder – strong emotions or organic pathology – a sign of a serious illness.

Patients usually complain of discomfort:

  • feeling sour in the mouth;
  • unnatural burning or tingling on the tongue, lips, pressure in the throat;
  • foreign tastes in the mouth – metal, bitterness, sweet;
  • bad breath;
  • frequent intense belching;
  • hoarseness or persistent coughing;
  • shortness of breath or shortness of breath

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In case of functional impairment, the cause of the “lump” is muscle spasm, as a response to stress or a negative situation. This manifestation can be accompanied by increased anxiety, constant tension without the ability to relax, muscle weakness, rapid fatigue, anxiety, loss of concentration, decreased tone, sleep disturbances, and decreased interest in life.

What does “lump in throat” warn about?

This condition can progress – intense experiences lead to more severe cramping, which increases anxiety and an increase in symptoms. But only a doctor should establish the correct diagnosis, after a thorough examination, which will help to exclude more serious causes.

Sometimes a lump does form in the throat. Most common organic causes

  • swelling of the mucous membrane is the result of a poorly cured inflammatory disease of the pharynx or larynx (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • endocrine system diseases – the thyroid gland increases;
  • swellings in the throat, larynx, trachea – at the beginning, may not have other symptoms;
  • pathology of the cervical spine – with osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • reflux disease – develops with irritation of the pharynx and larynx, eaten food;
  • obesity – mechanical compression of the neck by fat deposits. published by
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