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What does refusal of food before bed give?

Those who follow a healthy lifestyle know that it is harmful to eat before bed. To be more precise, it is not recommended to eat food at least three hours before bedtime. When a person is asleep, his need for energy is minimal. And the delivery of excess fuel to the body at night causes the production of harmful free radicals.

In an effort to be healthy and slender, people have invented many types of fasting: interval, vegetables, fruits, “dry”, cascade (you can list for a long time). Fasting helps cleanse the body, lose weight, and more. But the cornerstone of avoiding food is the “don’t eat in the evening” rule.

Why is it good not to eat before bed

It does not matter which type of fasting you personally liked, the key point of avoiding food is the following: do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. Why? What happens in the body in the evening and at night?

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Fasting is important for normalizing cellular mitochondrial function and preventing cell damage. And in this regard, you can get a lasting positive result if you cultivate the habit of not eating food at least 3 hours before going to bed.

What does refusal of food before bed give?

When a person is sleeping, the body’s need for energy is extremely low. Transporting excess fuel to the body at this time causes significant free radical production.

Sleep detoxifies and regenerates the entire body. Consequently, the task of digesting food when a person is sleeping makes it difficult and slows down these vital processes.

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During the night, the body is supplied with energy from ketones, because glycogen stores are usually depleted in 18 hours. (or 13 hours in advance if a low-carb meal was eaten). The habit of “refreshing” before bed has a beneficial effect on replenishing glycogen stores, preventing the body from burning fat during the night.

Not eating food at least 3 hours before going to bed is to increase the time interval when you can naturally go without food per day. This helps to achieve “peak” fasting and get the most out of it.

Numerous medical studies show that eating before bed is harmful in every way… The rationale is clear: when a person sleeps, his body spends fewer calories, which means that it is useful to think about and start to refuse late dinners and snacks, otherwise excess fuel will provoke excess production of harmful free radicals. The latter are known to activate the processes of tissue damage, trigger the aging process and cause the progression of chronic ailments. Published by

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