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What is food sensitivity and why is it important for you to know it?

Food sensitivity is a complex reaction to certain foods. It can manifest itself like an allergy, but, unlike it, other immunoglobulin antibodies are responsible for this process. And if an allergic reaction can occur immediately after consuming a product, then food sensitivity can only appear after a few hours or even days, so it can be difficult to understand which product it is on.

In addition, allergy symptoms are acute and food sensitivities are chronic. With allergies, the immune system is sharply activated, and protects the body by directing immunoglobulin antibodies, and after solving the problem, it calms down.

Food sensitivity is a long, sluggish process, and when eating problematic everyday foods (eggs, dairy or soy products, bread), the immune system is constantly active, which causes disruptions in the body, for example, chronic inflammation.

Frequent manifestations of food sensitivities

  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract – flatulence, bloating, constipation or diarrhea;
  • sleep problems – constant drowsiness, insomnia, frequent awakenings;
  • redness of the skin, runny nose, cough;
  • muscle and joint pain;

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  • darkening of the skin under the eyes;
  • hair weakens, becomes thinner, falls out;
  • dermatological disorders, acne, acne;
  • sudden mood swings, increased anxiety, anxiety, it is impossible to concentrate, “fog in the head”;
  • chronic fatigue, overweight;
  • premature symptoms of age-related extinction.

What is food sensitivity and why is it important for you to know it?

Such manifestations, without objective reasons for that: chronic diseases or other diagnosed disorders, make one suspect any form of intolerance to certain products. Eating disorders, including food sensitivity, are diagnosed quite often, in about three out of four patients.

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Food sensitivity is considered one of the main causes of overweight and obesity, as well as weight loss problems. To get rid of excess weight, it is enough to identify the foods to which the body becomes sensitive and remove them from the diet. published by

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