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What to do for people who always have cold limbs

Many are faced with the problem of freezing limbs. In some cases, cold feet or hands are observed even when in a warm room. Mainly in this category of people fall women of fragile physique between the ages of 17 and 36 years.

The thermoregulation process of the body depends on the following systems

  • kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • thyroid;
  • liver.

If you study the human body, the liver will be the highest-temperature organ. If you think about the meaning of this word, you can draw an analogy with the word “oven”. When the kidneys are in a weakened state, the liver, as a calorific system, can suffer from a lack of energy. The kidneys, in turn, also need warm blood, so if the temperature drops to a dangerous level, the body triggers immune mechanisms.

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They work roughly on the same principle as the thermostat functions in the cooling system of a car’s power unit. The tone of certain muscles begins to change, as a result, the limbs are disconnected from the blood supply. Partial shutdown is assumed, but it also provokes a significant decrease in blood flow. The blood begins to move along the so-called small route – the body and head. The body can more easily cope with the task of warming the abdomen and chest area, since there is a large amount of blood. Once in the limbs, the blood will begin to cool rather quickly.

What to do for people who always have cold limbs

If the protective mechanism is similar in principle to a thermostat, then the limbs are comparable to a radiator. If we study the operation of the car’s cooling system, we will notice that in winter, after a long parking, the thermostat will be in the closed position. Antifreeze in this case will circulate in a small circle. Engineers have foreseen a similar moment for faster heating of the power unit. After reaching a certain temperature threshold, the thermostat will open and the antifreeze will begin to move in a large circle, thereby cooling the motor.

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People suffering from kidney disease know that the legs should not be hypothermic, otherwise their ailment may worsen. In this situation, blood has a negative effect, which is cooled in the legs and sent to the internal organs. From an official point of view, cold extremities are a symptom of vascular dystonia, which is believed to be provoked by diseased kidneys.

Why is a prolonged condition of cold extremities dangerous?

This can lead to negative consequences. Any organ of our body, suffering from improper blood circulation, will slowly begin to break down and degrade. Cold extremities are not just an inconvenience, it is an ailment that can provoke more serious diseases. Often people with VSD face skin and nail problems.

If your limbs often get cold, you can hover your legs just before bed. Exercise also helps a lot, so try to be more active. During the cold season, the limbs must be kept warm.

Connection with character and emotional background

Skinny women should reconsider their attitude towards life and gender role. Internet users not so long ago probably saw a picture on social networks that demonstrated the connection between a person’s emotional background and his body temperature. It is worth noting that this is not just a theory, but a scientifically proven statement. Look at the picture and notice two states – anger and pride. The pictures are practically the same and it is not surprising that many scientists believe that anger is inherent mainly in proud people.

If you study the most harmful emotional states, they are sadness and depression. Blood supply to organs and limbs largely depends on them. Many researchers agree that depression is inherent in selfish people. To get out of this state, you need to think more about others, show concern and do good deeds. A study has been conducted that has shown that depression can start from a lack of faith. A person may feel that life is unfair to him, that he did not deserve the misfortunes that befell him. published by

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