What you need to know about “liquid smoke” or carcinogens in smoked meats

According to Derzhspozhivstandart, “liquid smoke” is prohibited for use as a strong carcinogen in many countries of the world

How is liquid smoke made?

Natural “liquid smoke” is obtained by distilling and filtering ordinary wood smoke. According to the manufacturers themselves, sawdust of deciduous trees with a certain moisture content is burned at a given temperature, then the smoke particles are passed through a collector with water, where it is cleared of harmful impurities – tar, tar, carcinogens that do not dissolve in water and are completely removed from the smoke …

According to experts, smoking liquids are different in composition. The most common combinations of components: from 11 to 92 percent – water, from 0.2 to 2.9 percent – phenols, from 2.9 to 9.5 percent – acids, from 2.6 to 4.6 percent – carbonyl compounds …

“Liquid smoke” is sometimes imported legally, but more often illegally. On the batch, neither the composition nor the name of the substance is often indicated: liquids and powders for “quick smoking” pass through customs as a food additive. There is a number or a mysterious Latin abbreviation on the package.

According to Derzhspozhivstandart, “Liquid smoke” is prohibited for use as a strong carcinogen in many countries of the world. European countries have adopted standards for the use of various additives permitted for use.

Some manufacturers may exceed recommended concentrations of “liquid smoke” by treating stale meat or fish to drown out the off-flavor.

What you need to know about

Chicken legs and wings, mackerel, small fish such as capelin are subjected to pseudo-smoking. Products soaked in “liquid smoke” look the same as smoked ones – you cannot tell, and they smell of smoke. Manufacturers add this composition even to the casing and minced meat of sausages – the product is actually boiled, and the smell and taste are like smoked.

Is “liquid smoke” harmful? Expert opinion:

ALEXANDER PITITSA, chief physician of the Kramatorsk oncological dispensary: ​​“Smoked meats can be used occasionally”

– Is it true that smoked products acquire carcinogenic properties as a result of prolonged contact with smoke?

– Of course, there are carcinogens in smoked meats. Especially in those that are not produced in a natural way of smoking in the smoke of natural firewood, but with the use of various chemical technologies, liquids like “liquid smoke” in which the meat is dipped. Such smoked meats are especially harmful to the body, and today there are most of them on the shelves. published

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