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Why are rectangular houses saving you money?

The beginning of the construction of a house is the preparation of project documentation, i.e. project or plan of the future building. The importance of this step should not be underestimated.

A well-designed house plan will help you avoid a lot of troubles associated with both the appearance of the future home and its functionality, as well as reliability.

Home functionality

After all, the project documentation contains not only information about the size and shape of the main elements of the structure, but also provides for the location of communications and other useful information.

Everyone has ever seen a home that can hardly be called aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes these are pretentious buildings, in the appearance of which different styles and materials are mixed, sometimes they are uncomplicated box houses with small windows and a clear violation of proportions.

Such structures are obtained when developers make the following mistakes:

It is not difficult to avoid such mistakes today. Featured magazines and resources to help developers Why rectangular houses save you money? find out why + Video networks Internet. The easiest way is to use a ready-made plan and a design project that can be copied from the resources listed above. However, it should be remembered that it is not worth changing anything in ready-made projects, because this can negatively affect both the appearance of the structure and the strength of its main elements.

If you nevertheless decide to change or add something, then the most economical option would be to seek help from an architectural student. For little money, he will consider your project with the eyes of a more experienced specialist than you yourself.

You can also use automated programs that allow you to independently prepare a house project of a simple form, even for people with minimal knowledge in the field of construction.

As a rule, project documentation for the construction of a house consists of three parts and includes architectural, structural and engineering sections.

Why are rectangular houses saving you money?

The architectural section contains information on the layout of each floor of the building. This is a drawing that contains data on the locations of rooms, corridors, window and door openings, and ventilation shafts. The thickness of the slabs is also indicated here.

Why are rectangular houses saving you money? find out why + Video

More general characteristics are included in the design section. The location of stairs and passages is indicated here, as well as a description of the specifics of the materials used in the construction.

The location of engineering and communication systems is included in the engineering section of the project. In addition to sewerage and heating schemes, it contains drawings of the location of the electrical network and telephone cable. Recommendations can also be given for connecting electrical appliances and plumbing.

Although houses are built today in many different shapes, there are only three main types of house designs. Let’s consider their features, describe the pros and cons.

The main advantages of a typical project are its low cost, reliability, proven by time and other developers, as well as saving time resources for the preparation and execution of documentation.

However, choosing a typical project, you deny yourself the opportunity to change something in the future structure and add something to your taste. In addition, it should be borne in mind that standard projects may not be suitable for the area on which construction is planned.


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A draft design is a simplified project of a house, a detailed diagram of a future building. One is somewhat cheaper and is issued in a short time. However, guided only by a draft design during construction, there is a risk of getting a result that is not exactly what you expected.

Due to the lack of detailed diagrams and drawings, construction and interior decoration work becomes more complicated.

Why are rectangular houses saving you money?

An individual project contains all the necessary sections of project documentation, however, unlike a standard one, all drawings, diagrams, descriptions of materials and work progress are drawn up for a specific house and in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

In addition, in this case, the number of people who will live in the house, their tastes and preferences, as well as design ideas, can be taken into account. Another plus is the ability to adjust the cost of finishing the premises.

As we said, building a home starts with planning and preparing a plan.

If you set yourself the task of building a beautiful but inexpensive house, then you should know some nuances: designing a rectangular house will help you save on construction.

Savings and Benefits: Simple shaped houses are easier to design and build. The more corners and bends a building has, the more expensive the project and the actual construction will cost you.

In addition to the fact that it is easier and faster to build a house without design excesses, as a result, you can save on heating your home. After all, each ledge and corner is an additional cold bridge, which means additional costs for heating.

Also, when designing a house with a simple form, you are likely to be protected from possible engineering mistakes. After all, buildings of the correct shape are built much more often, which means that there is an accumulated experience in drawing up accompanying documentation. Of course, structures of an unusual shape are also found in home construction, but most often each such idea requires an individual approach, which does not exclude errors in engineering calculations.

Individuality to a simple structure can be given by including the construction of an attic of an individual plan in the building plan. Houses with arch-shaped windows also look good.

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