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Why are resistant starches useful?

Nutritionists believe that complex carbohydrates help control weight and appetite. They break down slowly and are practically not absorbed by the body, perfectly saturating for several hours. The most beneficial and safest for gut health are resistant starches, which are found in simple foods.

Numerous observations of the diet of overweight people have proven that eating foods with resistant starches helps to lose weight and maintain a slim figure without dieting. Their daily use in the diet is an excellent prevention of diabetes, hypertension and obesity, with benefits for the intestines.

What are resistant starches

The main benefits of resistant starches

Organic compounds are complex carbohydrates that the body needs for the digestive tract to function properly. After consumption, they are not digested in the intestines, they move quickly, and do not give the person extra calories.

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Key benefits of resistant starches:

  • improvement of intestinal motility;
  • prevention of constipation;
  • prevention of cancer;
  • control of body weight and appetite;
  • reduction of inflammation with dysbiosis.

Why are resistant starches useful?

The healing properties of resistant starches make them an essential part of any diet. After entering the small intestine, they absorb bacteria, toxins, and decay products. This stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora, allowing you to replace expensive prebiotics in capsules.

Foods containing resistant starches

You can cleanse the intestines, restore stable bowel movements and reduce weight with the daily use of dishes from the following products:

  • green unripe bananas;
  • unprocessed oatmeal;
  • white beans;
  • lentils;
  • Brown rice;
  • pearl barley.

Resistant starches are found in cashew nuts, peanuts, and pistachios. There are many of them in common peas, carrots and bran. They can be added to salads and first courses, and used as a snack at work to reduce appetite.

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Instead of sweets, you can make baked goods from flour made from green bananas or ground oats. It is better to replace white bread with rye or barley, which saturates, but does not do much harm to the figure.

Resistant starches, when broken down, do not provoke a sharp release of sugar in the blood, therefore they are useful in type 2 diabetes. They should occupy at least 40% of the total diet, cooked with minimal heat treatment. A pleasant bonus will be beautiful skin without rashes, regular bowel movements and no bloating in the afternoon.

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