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Why chromium and zinc are necessary when losing weight

Human health and longevity are more than half dependent on their lifestyle, so many people are concerned about their weight and are trying to normalize it. For some, removing excess and constantly maintaining an ideal mass is not at all difficult. And others, having lost weight with difficulty, gain even more after a while, unable to cope with the craving for sweets.

Sometimes, the cause of “breakdowns” is a weak will. But often, during a long diet, losing weight simply does not have enough substances necessary for the body. This deficiency also provokes an increased craving for simple carbohydrates, sharp fluctuations in blood glucose, headaches and pressure drops, and rapid fatigue during physical activity.

Minerals zinc and chromium and weight loss

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Chromium for weight loss

The trace element chromium is involved in many processes in the body, including the regulation of metabolism. It promotes the uptake of glucose by cells, while increasing insulin resistance… With a sufficient level of chromium, carbohydrates from food are not stored in fat, but are used as the main source of energy. The lack of an element makes the body to save fat and constantly demand more and more “sweet”.

Why chromium and zinc are necessary when losing weight

If you notice an overwhelming desire for sweets, the habit of “seizing” stress with chocolate or cake, think about whether you are consuming enough foods rich in chromium. This is especially important if you are following a nutritional system. Sources of chromium are seafood, beef and poultry, especially pumpkin seeds.

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Zinc for weight loss

This mineral performs a number of important functions in the body, takes part in regulating the balance of hormones, and reduces blood glucose levels. Zinc increases endurance, so without this mineral, it is very difficult to withstand the physical activity required to lose weight and maintain weight. Zinc deficiency provokes metabolic disorders, suppresses the immune system. Zinc is found in beef, egg yolks, yeast, pumpkin seeds, and whole wheat flour.

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All essential foods rich in zinc and chromium are allowed in most diets. You need to include them in your diet, this will help to avoid a deficiency of substances necessary for the body and unpleasant breakdowns.

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