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Why drinking enough water is so important

People still have not been able to find the answer to what can replace water. From the very beginning of life, we perceive water as an integral part of being. Water, as one of the most common elements, is present in almost all plants, animals and humans. She is part of the blood. And our body mainly consists of water: in infancy it is 95%, in old age – up to 60%. Perhaps aging is the inability to retain water?

The human body consists of 60-70% water, but with age we begin to lose it. Blood is fundamentally nothing more than water; fluid is present in the muscles, lungs, brain. Water is involved in the mechanism of thermoregulation, with its help, the necessary substances are transported to the internal organs. Water delivers oxygen to cells, removes toxins and protects joints and organs.

Drinking water is a must

If the body is not provided with water constantly and in the required volume, it is forced to distribute its supply, which are available and to cut back on the implementation of some functions, so that the reserves are sufficient for a long period. Vital organs like the brain can be considered a priority, while others are completely deprived of water or provided with it on a leftover basis, when the needs of the brain are already satisfied.

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Symptoms of moderate dehydration are systematic pain in the joints and muscles, lower back, headaches and problems with bowel movements.

Constipation is a clear indicator of this problem, because the intestines take water from food in order to prevent its loss, and, as a result, congestion.

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An important symptom of water deficiency in the body is the intense smell of urine, its dark yellow / amber hue.

Why drinking enough water is so important

Thirst is a clear signal of dehydration, but the need for water appears long before we want to drink.

For many, the mechanism of thirst is simply undeveloped, and people mistake it for hunger. As a result of even mild dehydration, the metabolism slows down.

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Interestingly, one glass of water before a meal leads to a 14% reduction in the amount of food eaten.

Dehydration provokes weakening of short-term memory, headaches, problems focusing on a computer monitor / printed text.

In the elderly, chronic dehydration progresses.

The skin is provided with water in the latter, since in the list of priorities of the body in terms of hydration, it is much lower than the brain and other systems.

But the skin is a mirror of inner health. If it’s too dry, you don’t need a moisturizer, but drinking water.

Facial wrinkles are less noticeable if the skin is sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, we drink more water!

How to get rid of cellulite? We drink more water! Dimples disappear on sufficiently moisturized skin, because the fat cells that form the “orange peel” will also not be so noticeable.

The eyes are 92% water. Do you want them to be bright and shiny? Drink water!

To maintain health, it is important to drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day.

Pour yourself a glass of water and drink immediately. Start providing your body with this valuable component of life. Published by

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