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Why Throw The Scale Out

The scale serves as a self-assessment tool for some, not just a weight control device. And if it was previously believed that it is possible to assess the state of one’s own health by the ratio of weight and height indicators, then this statement does not work anymore. You should not indulge in self-deception, because many seek to reduce body weight in any way (even to the detriment of their health), and over time, the weight returns again.

It’s time to forget about the weight indicator as such, since the weighing does not take into account such parameters as the specific gravity of body fat and the amount of malignant fat holding down the internal organs. Other metrics now matter.

The ratio of a person’s height to the circumference of his waist allows to determine the state of health.

Most young people strive to get rid of extra pounds at any cost, not suspecting that a sharp weight loss is dangerous for the body, in particular for the gallbladder. A sharp decrease in weight affects the appearance – the skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby, the muscles weaken and lose elasticity. Losing weight must be approached responsibly, it is better to slowly but surely achieve the desired result in order to ultimately get the ideal ratio of height to waist size. This approach also guarantees an improvement in appearance – the muscles will get stronger, the skin will become smooth, and the hair silky.

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How to correctly determine the optimal ratio of height to waist size

The optimal indicators are 0.4 and 0.5. That is, the waist circumference should be slightly less than 1/2 of the height. If the waist is higher, then the risk of disease of civilization increases significantly. And it doesn’t matter who you are – a man or a woman. If you care about your own health, be sure to pay attention to the ratio of the above indicators.

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Why Throw The Scale Out

If it is difficult to give up weight control with a scale, try using the rule: every 13 mm is a loss of about 1400-1800 grams.
And it is important to constantly remember this when you see a new modern diet, adhering to which it will be possible to lose weight quickly and painlessly for the body. If the diet program is not aimed at reducing the size of the waist, this means that the process of losing weight occurs due to the loss of fluid, that is, over time, the weight will return again.

In the first weeks of following a particular diet, you can already assess its effectiveness. Try to measure your waist at the same time every day. It is best to do this in the morning before breakfast. Such observations will allow you to assess the tendency of losing extra pounds. To correctly measure the waist circumference, it is enough to exhale and relax the abdominal muscles as much as possible, it is better to measure at the level of the navel. If you use technical means to determine the fat content of the body, then do not change the device, otherwise the indicators may differ.

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If the percentage of fat exceeds 25% in men and 30% in women, this means that the person is at risk and prone to diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes or cancer. If the percentage is slightly less, then a person often has high blood pressure, jumps in sugar or cholesterol levels, then he also belongs to the risk group. The optimal indicator of body fat content is considered to be 13-20% in men and 20-25% in women.

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There is no single weight loss program for everyone. Studies have shown that men can tolerate a high-fat diet more easily, and women need more carbohydrates. Weight loss program needs to be selected individually.

Another effective method is intermittent fasting, which will allow the body to cope with the excess energy gained from eating. published by

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