Why wheat bread is the most harmful

The most favorite tasty and popular is traditionally white wheat bread made from premium flour. “And the most harmful,” nutritionists would add.

According to the type of flour from which bakery products are made, bread is wheat, rye, wheat-rye, less often barley. In turn, each type of flour is subdivided into grades: higher, first, second. Bread is subdivided accordingly: wheat of the highest, first and second grades, similarly to rye.

Avoid white yeast bread! Its best substitute is live sourdough bread

The most favorite tasty and popular is traditionally white wheat bread made from premium flour. “And the most harmful,” nutritionists would add.

English physician Natasha Longo gives seven reasons why you shouldn’t eat white bread. Israeli and South African doctors are in solidarity with her. The main argument is in modern white bread made from high-grade flour, all useful substances are completely killed… And depending on all kinds of additives, such bread can cause irreparable harm to health.

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According to the British cardiologist William Davis, the wheat that is sold in European countries is a miserable resemblance to what was some thirty years ago. The hybrids of this cereal have a different genetic code from the original, respectively, and the properties of the flour are greatly changed.

Russian nutritionist Andrey Bobrovsky recommends only rye flour bread. He treats wheat very carefully. The main reason is flour. The smaller and whiter it is, the worse.

The fact is that to satisfy our requests for all the best, manufacturers are trying with might and main: so that a person has a lush, ruddy white roll on the table, the grain is peeled off, and the most useful thing in it – the bran – is simply thrown away. Then the germ is removed from the grain – the most biologically active part – but it is because of it that the bread quickly deteriorates. Thus, all natural vitamins and microelements are removed from the flour with the bran and germ. After that, artificial vitamins are added there, carefully pumped up with flavor enhancers, flavors, additives for even greater splendor, longer fresh storage.

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Dr. Andrew Rubman, who runs the treatment section of a Connecticut clinic, says that consumption of white wheat bread dramatically increases the risk of diabetes, primarily in people predisposed to this disease. The fact is that the grain crushed almost into dust in the form of white bread is very easily absorbed by the body, and the glucose released in this way is freely absorbed into the bloodstream, which causes an increase in blood sugar.

German scientist Justus Liebig (considered the father of agrochemistry), who lived in the 19th century, believed that flour should only be coarsely ground… In his opinion, removing bran from flour is unacceptable for humans. It does more harm than good.

Scientists call another misfortune of any kind of bread modern yeast… They, like everything that is added to bread today, are stillborn organisms designed to make bread more luxurious and keep it that way for as long as possible. There are especially many of them in white bread.

Why wheat bread is the most harmful

Nutritionist of the famous Moscow fitness club Maria Tarakanova advises her clients refuse white yeast bread instead of live bread, which is prepared with sourdough… Such bread contains only vegetable (considered the most useful!) Fiber.

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Food Babe, known in the United States as one of the most ardent supporters of food safety, draws attention to the fact that in any zoo in the world, you will be strictly forbidden to feed animals with fresh white bread. In animals, it causes volvulus. This is largely due to yeast, which helps bread adhere to the walls of the stomach and intestines.

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An interesting study was conducted in the USA. One and a half thousand people ate refined foods: white wheat bread, rolls, cookies, chips, and scientists measured various body parameters. In almost everyone, after consuming 100 grams of these foods within 15 minutes, the immune system weakened by 90 percent. And the Journal of Cancer (an international journal on cancer) points out direct dependence of regular consumption of white fresh wheat bread and the occurrence of cancer

A new term has appeared in the modern world – orthorexia – healthy eating syndrome. But we are not talking about vegetarians, fans of raw food, adherents of all kinds of diets. This term applies to those who idolize the modern food industry, producing millions of tons of delicious and aromatic, but completely useless products. Scientists have not yet fully studied this stream, but they are sure that it prepares many unexpected and not at all pleasant surprises.published

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