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Window shutters for summer cottages: DIY installation technology

Many people think that window shutters for summer cottages are a relic of the past and there are more modern methods to cover window structures.

In defense of the shutters, we can say that they not only protect from wind and heat, but also give the facade an original appearance. Anyone who has ever held a hammer in their hands can install window sashes at their dacha.

We make window shutters for summer cottages

The variety of shutters allows you to choose the design and material of manufacture that most closely meet individual requirements.

By type of construction, window shutters are divided into:

  • swing;
  • lifting;
  • removable;
  • folding.

Hinged shutters are classics. They are attached on both sides of the window on the hinges. When open, the sashes are fixed with hooks installed in the wall.

Window shutters for summer cottages: DIY installation technology

Hinged shutters are divided into single and double-leaf, folding and jalousie shutters. Rolling shutters are a more modern type called roller shutters. They consist of horizontal stripes, which, thanks to a streamlined mechanism, rise up and, when rolled into a roll, hide in a special compartment.

Roller shutters are more of a European version, and are in demand for creating an exterior in a modern style. Removable shutters are installed when the house is left without owners for a long time. Then, in the living period, they are simply removed.

The folding option is interesting in that you can adjust the degree of opening of the windows. The most common are two-leaf shutters. Made in a beautiful design, they are an element of the decor of the window opening.

If you want a more modern version of double-leaf shutters, install a blind with a pivoting design. Thus, the intensity of sunlight entering the room can be adjusted. Single-winged ones are installed on small windows, for example, in a bathroom or in the attic.

Window shutters for summer cottages: DIY installation technology

Previously, window shutters were made exclusively of wood. Now the choice of materials is more diverse, but for country houses from a bar, wooden shutters are best suited. The doors can be decorated with original forged ornament, painted or carved. Even without possessing the skills of a woodcarver, you can create an original design using an ordinary jigsaw. Separately, one should dwell on the materials from which the shutters are made. Most often, wood, metal and plastic are used for this purpose.

Wooden shutters are made of lining, tongue-and-groove boards or a special profile. You can use old boards that are lying around, just sand them first. Typically used tree species such as oak, juniper, cypress, thuja, pine, larch. They are resistant to temperature extremes and natural phenomena, do not dry out or swell. Wooden shutters on the windows for a summer residence look very presentable, but they will not save the house from burglars. In addition, the tree requires regular processing from pests and decay.

Wooden shutters are represented by a huge variety of design and construction solutions: external and internal. The first are traditional products that perform more decorative function. They are made from hardwood that can withstand significant loads. Interior type – an element of interior design made of plywood or a very thin beam. Their goal is to create filtering of sunlight or an additional decoration for blinds; lattice or panel doors.

Window shutters for summer cottages: DIY installation technology

Nowadays, shutters made to match the style of blinds are considered fashionable. Wooden slats are installed in a massive frame, inclined at the desired angle. They provide fresh air and diffuse sunlight; in terms of shape, classical and curly shutters are divided into windows, with one or two sashes, with fixed or moving ones. There are also sliding models that work on the accordion principle; by the type of design, wooden shutters are strict, aged, carved, combined. More reliable metal shutters. They do not guarantee protection from the cold, but they will protect against burglary.

If you don’t want boring steel doors, you can decorate them with forging. It looks very stylish and will bring its own flavor to the design of the house. There is a variant of metal shutters-jalousies for windows with swivel blades and fixed at a certain angle. Locking fittings are installed from the inside of the house for safety reasons. Metal shutters on windows for summer cottages At the peak of popularity are now metal-plastic shutters. Maybe in appearance they do not look like classic sash on windows, but they perform the same functions. Plus such shutters in a wide range of textures, shades, accessories, the ability to equip them with a control system. Plastic shutters are easy to install on any surface.

The choice of shutters for installation on country windows should be primarily based on their reliability. There are houses that settle down only from mid-spring to mid-autumn, and remain empty during the cold season. In this case, safety comes first. Iron shutters for summer cottages are the best option for a temporary home. If you have small windows, single-sash shutters will do. Large, all-wall windows are closed with sliding structures. When making shutters for windows, be guided by the following criteria: protection against third-party penetration; keeping warm in the house; strength; ease of installation; aesthetically pleasing design; locks and bolts are on the inside.

Hand-made products are always better than purchased ones. meet the individual needs and living conditions of their owner. Features and rules for installing shutters on windows When the material and type of shutters are selected, you can start installation. The basis of a quality installation is a firm fixing of the shutters in the window opening. To do this, you need to stock up on anchors and cartridges for them. The holes in the wall are drilled very carefully so that the surface is not severely damaged. The tighter the cartridge “sits”, the tighter the sash box will hold. Installation of bulky structures is difficult alone, so it is better to do this with an assistant.

Remember that the hinges must support the weight of the shutters, otherwise the shutters will simply pull them out of the wall. For greater reliability, on each side, you can make not two, but three mortise loops. You should also measure the window opening well and adjust the frame of the future shutters to the desired size. Locks are installed only from the inside. This is especially true for shutters, the main task of which is to protect the home. Removable elements are secured with threaded rods that protrude through the walls of the house, and tightened with nuts. The sashes bolted to the frame are leveled to their exact alignment. Shutter locks are installed only from the inside

Window shutters for summer cottages: DIY installation technology

Before installation, wooden structures are impregnated with an antiseptic and water-repellent materials, for example, drying oil. Iron shutters on windows for summer cottages are treated with an anti-corrosion agent. They are installed according to the same principle as wooden ones with the only difference in the selection of fittings.

It will not be difficult to make wooden shutters with your own hands, having the necessary set of tools at hand. It is not at all necessary to buy expensive material for work. You can take any old boards and make them look good. A flooring sheet pile is well suited for these purposes. On the sides, it has grooves and spikes, which, when assembled, easily line up into a solid sash.

It is recommended to first make a sketch on paper and transfer the measurements taken from the window to it. The location of the hinges and bolts is also outlined there. There are two options for hinges: ordinary and consisting of a supporting and hinged part. The second type is suitable for mounting to a concrete or brick wall. First of all, we prepare tools and materials:

  • roulette; corner;
  • pliers; side cutters;
  • a hammer; hatchet; plane;
  • jigsaw;
  • hacksaw;
  • puncher;
  • wooden boards.

To make shutters on windows for a summer residence, you will need a jigsaw. You also need to prepare suitable fittings and locking elements. The manufacturing process consists of several successive stages. According to the measurements taken from the window, a frame is made from wooden beams. In size, it should be larger than the opening itself. Raw boards are processed with a plane so that no defects and burrs remain on their surface. Then they are impregnated with antiseptic and drying oil. Floorboards are usually already available with a finished surface. If elements suitable for sizes are cut from wood, their cuts are also processed. The floorboard is cut into pieces of the required length.

Parts of the board are assembled according to the “thorn-groove” scheme so that they are well connected to each other. Ordinary boards are assembled according to the same principle, trying not to leave gaps between individual elements. Above and below, transverse strips and one diagonal are screwed onto each sash with screws. Ears are attached to the crossbars on one sash, and locking crossbars on the other. Hinges are mounted on the outside of the doors. Fasten them with screws, having previously exposed the sash in the frame.

After finishing the work, the shutters can be painted in any desired color and varnished. Classic solid wood shutters already look beautiful, but if you want to stand out, the patterns and ornaments will make them more unique. For craftsmen who know how to work with wood, beautiful carvings can be made. The aged wood surface has an original look. This effect can be achieved in two ways: treatment with ammonia. In this case, the wood will begin to turn gray and visually resemble aged; heat treatment.

The surface is burnt, the wood darkens and looks like it has been aged for years; mechanical restoration. Performed with a special brush. The upper soft fibers of the wood are removed and the surface gets the desired effect. All methods are quite simple and quick, anyone can cope with them without special skills. Wooden shutters can also be decorated with fittings. Locking mechanisms and hinges are sold in a large assortment, from which you can certainly choose the right products. Published by econet.ru

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